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Copywriter Mind Massive Cost Program
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Be taught Every Observe Of This Account So You Can…

“Make Copywriting Faster & More straightforward Than You Ever Imagined”

Express The Secret To Writing Advertisements That Convert With out The Strive against…

Welcome to this special file the build you’ll see easy solutions to write excessive changing reproduction and commercials sooner and more straightforward than ever earlier than. However first – a observe of WARNING:

What I’m about to fragment with you flies within the face of the whole lot you’ve been taught about copywriting, marketing and marketing, and writing commercials that convert. If writing commercials is a fight or feels “hit or omit”… whereas you’ve ever wasted time serious about what to teach or grasping at straws to produce the roughly reproduction that pulls your prospects closer and nearly forces them to buy your product or carrier…

Know this – It’s No longer Your Fault. There’s a route of and procedure for writing reproduction that converts without danger and whereas you pay cease consideration to this presentation, I’ll pull back the curtain and expose the TRUTH about Copywriting, Marketing and marketing, And Advert Advent.

In this abnormal coaching you’ll see:

The Limitless Folder Device That Guarantees No Notion You Express, Construct, or Assemble Will Ever Be Lost Or Forgotten Again… This Fool Proof Device Grants You A Immense Vitality Wielded By Best likely A Precious Few…

How A Chance Electronic mail From A Younger French Lady Led Me To My Step forward Discovery Of This Easy Writing Device That Makes Writing High Changing Advertisements As Fine & Predictable As A Florida Sunset…

The “Lego Block” Framework that Makes Writing A Pudgy Blown Sales Page In actuality feel Delight in Limited one’s Play – In Truth, One Particular person I Showed This To Cranked Out A 5,000 Observe Sales Letter In 37 Minutes Flat! (What up Gerald?!)

Plus, I’ll Demonstrate You EXACTLY Why Copywriting 1.0 is DEAD and What You Need To Give up As a replacement To Make More Sales Of Your Product or Carrier. If You Omit The Boat On This Then You Are Destined To A Future Of Mediocre Reproduction & Struggling Conversions.

Why You Might perhaps presumably simply silent No longer

Be taught This Account

Now, earlier than we dive headlong into the coaching I are desirous to will allow you to take dangle of who this coaching is FOR and more importantly who it is no longer for.

Right here’s for you whereas you are a enterprise owner, freelancer, or copywriter who wants… NO… who needs their commercials, gross sales letters, emails, Fb Posts, Instagram captions, and on and on it goes… to in truth convert and form gross sales.

In transient – whereas you’d like your customers, prospects, leads or prospects to be taught your phrases and care for cease an circulation -admire truly paying you money – then that is the coaching for you. And despite the incontrovertible truth that I know I bustle the risk of sounding astonishing… This is in a position to well perhaps be the biggest file you be taught this yr.

However don’t anguish, I’ll point out that assertion to you on this letter and display you EXACTLY the system you would also triple your writing velocity, amplify your conversion charges, and fully rid your self of creator’s block and the blank page for the the relaxation of your life.

Now – pretty so we’re obvious. This presentation is NOT for you whereas you don’t gain an present enterprise, whereas you don’t gain a product or carrier that you’re proud of, or whereas you’re no longer the roughly one who puts in effort. Right here’s no longer a internet rich like a flash plan and it’s no longer for newbies. If that’s what you’re looking out to to find then please cease out of the page now.

Mute, right here? GREAT! Let’s hunch!

Why Care What I Agree with To Teach?

Trusty within the event you’re questioning who I’m… My title is Mike Giannulis and I’ve been a copywriter, marketing and marketing consultant, on-line marketer and enterprise owner since WAY back in 2006. I’ve been within the sport for an awfully very lengthy time and I’ve viewed the total “gurus” come and hunch.

Like a flash random truth about me in case I look acquainted in any appreciate – I used to be once on the ABC display Low Makeover: Weight Loss Version back in 2012 the build I lost 255 kilos in a single yr. It was once rather superior to encourage so many contributors and internet my neatly being back.

In the enterprise world – I’ve in my notion launched and constructed cease to ten moderately plenty of 7 figure corporations and one 8 figure education enterprise. And yet, no topic all my success I’ve struggled with the uncertainty that my next gross sales letter was once gonna suck and everyone would discover the truth – that I don’t know what I’m doing!

I undergo in solutions sitting in my substantial sing of enterprise wanting over in any appreciate my like degrees, my friends from cramped St. Petersburg College to my MBA from Western Governors College and pondering that I had NO understanding what I used to be once gonna write about in my next gross sales letter.

I recall laughing whereas maintaining my Inc 5000 trophy because I had spent all night wallowing in mental and emotional distress looking out to come again up with a “hook” or abnormal understanding to turn around our Fb commercials that had been by surprise TANKING.

My point is I had been there! Both as a paid copywriter turning in results to my prospects AND as a enterprise owner with over 100 staff relying on ME to work out easy solutions to sell our merchandise and services and products.

Frankly, I used to be once sick of it! At any time when I needed to jot down a brand original email, a brand original Fb ad, a brand original weblog submit, and especially a brand original gross sales letter, webinar, or VSL I suffered from creator’s block and nagging doubt in my abilities.

Deep down, I knew I used to be once procrastinating attributable to anguish. Dismay of no longer shining what to teach, anguish of wasting all my time writing an ad that didn’t work, anguish that my product or even worse – me, myself, wasn’t factual adequate. I constantly felt one “reproduction bomb” away from being outed as a phony.

Then, it at final came about. I QUIT copywriting. I even educated surely one of my enterprise partners James that I HATED copywriting and if it was once as much as me, I’d by no plot write one other gross sales letter again! I used to be once burned out, fed up, and pretty sick of the strain of writing reproduction that needed to convert – or else!

I tried the total solutions and “solutions” that everyone else teaches. Exhaust a template, or check up on “energy” phrases. I even spent 6 months hand copying gross sales letters because I thought it could well actually perhaps form me better. Likely most expensively, I paid a excessive-priced copywriting coach more than $25,000 to relief me increase and to work out the “secret” within the back of why some gross sales letters worked and others didn’t!

I used to be once at my wit’s end. It seemed admire it is no longer associated what I tried, each and each original gross sales letter mission began with me watching a blank display questioning what to jot down first.

Likely that’s what led me to being so begin minded . I knew there needed to be a bigger solution to jot down reproduction that didn’t in truth feel admire such work. I saved announcing to myself that increasing a gross sales letter from scratch shouldn’t in truth feel admire arresting a mountain!

And then, it came about.

The French Lady Who

Modified My Existence…

I used to be once skimming my email – potentially keeping off a writing mission – when I saw a field line that caught my sight. It was once one thing about a French girl who writes weblog posts and emails nearly each and each day.

And these weren’t pretty pump and dump issues. I’m speaking about scientific overview around neuroscience, learning, and more. The girl’s title was once Anne-Laure and I devoured the email and the accompanying podcast episode the build she spilled the beans on her “secret” procedure for being a wordcount badass.

That one interview led me to repeat an underground “world” of alternative americans that had been doing astonishing, nearly astonishing things. Writing 1,000 observe neatly-researched weblog posts nearly day to day of the week. Producing academic overview papers for his or her PHDs in file time, and even cranking out newsletters that had been so neatly completed, I couldn’t fathom how any one particular person could well write with such detail and trip… and so hasty!

I devoured each and each route, each and each podcast, each and each guide, and even hunted other americans down on Twitter and jumped on Zoom calls with them. I needed to be taught each and each trick within the guide. I had no shame anymore, I used to be once enamored with a brand original understanding of Easy Output, Getting Issues Performed, and the premise of increasing a “2nd Mind”. More on that rapidly…

I went loopy purchasing the whole lot I will be able to even to be taught about this original world…

By the purpose I used to be once completed, I’d spent neatly over $5,000 on books, applications, are living cohorts, non-public podcasts, and even some one on one teaching learning all about this original world of writing hasty.

There was once simplest one pickle – the arena I entered was once surely one of productiveness experts, academics, and programmers – NONE of them knew one thing else about writing reproduction and commercials.

It was once as much as me to care for cease this system and mix it with my 15 years of trip as a high copywriter and marketer. So, that’s what I sing out to enact.

However Why Is Copywriting So laborious?

Request your self this ask. Why is copywriting so laborious? Why does it in truth feel admire pulling enamel to head from a blank page to a accomplished gross sales letter? Even sitting down to jot down an email to promote your product or carrier can in truth feel admire a daunting assignment.

Many copywriters pretty assume that’s the system it is – that’s the system it have to be. Writing is laborious and we write commercials and it’s laborious.

Industry owners assume the pickle is because they “aren’t writers” or they pretty don’t know easy solutions to “sell” other people with their phrases.

Others pretty don’t are desirous to come again across as sleazy or cheesy and sound admire a unhurried night infomercial.

However, these are all pretty manifestations of the staunch pickle. The staunch pickle that plagues copywriters and enterprise owners and freelancers alike is now not any longer the writing or the phrases or any of that “stuff”.

Nope, the pickle is now not any longer having a legit procedure that you would also use over and over to present excessive changing reproduction. You would also gain heard this earlier than, nonetheless some other americans articulate that the observe SYSTEM stands for:

Save Yourself Stress Time, Energy & Money. And it’s right. That’s in truth what a tool is supposed to enact. Take into account your contemporary “procedure” for increasing commercials. Might perhaps presumably gain to you’re a copywriter it could well actually perhaps gain doing a cramped bit of analysis, throwing some notes into a Google Doc or Observe file.

Then, you sit down around and mull over what you ought to silent write about for just a few days. You would also no longer sleep for inspiration to strike then you positively write just a few phrases and internet in contact with it a day. Repeat this route of adequate occasions and you’ve strung collectively one thing you would also send off to your client.

If you don’t hear back from them it’s presumably because it didn’t convert. And even worse you enact hear back they most regularly quiz you for the dreaded rewrite – and naturally they aren’t going to pay you again – why ought to silent they? In quite loads of solutions, you provided them a contaminated product. OUCH.

Or whereas you’re a enterprise owner, per chance you utilize days watching a blank display. You wish to teach the write thing nonetheless you pretty don’t even know the build to begin! Writing isn’t your thing, besides you’re in truth busy anyway!

Perchance you hunch out and hire a copywriter. You use a LOT more than you had been awaiting (us copywriters are literally factual at charging excessive costs haha). And what happens? They send you a HUGE must absorb out anyway!

Heck – whereas you knew all that you’d pretty write the reproduction your self. So, after just a few painful email sessions, you at final internet one thing back from the copywriter. It’s no longer what you’d like to gain, it doesn’t in truth feel admire you or your imprint, and even worse it doesn’t convert.

The copywriter says one thing about “deplorable traffic” and you pretty switch on. You both try again with one other creator or pretty quit.

Sadly, for copywriters and enterprise owners alike – that is the procedure they gain got sing up for themselves. Because even whereas you assume you don’t gain a tool, bet what? You enact! And your procedure will rather essential internet you the the same consequence over and over.

Might perhaps presumably gain to you gain a deplorable procedure – you internet deplorable results.

Might perhaps presumably gain to you gain a factual procedure, you internet factual results.

I note it’s frequent sense, nonetheless this must gain you jumping for joy. Because, whenever you see a copywriting procedure that truly works, that’s when the fun in truth begins.

So, let’s discuss what it takes to FINALLY gain a legit solution to have excessive changing reproduction admire clockwork.

I internet it. Any individual and everyone has tossed around phrases admire “systems” with out a waste in sight. However, I’m going to display you, right here and now, interior my copywriting procedure so that you would also gaze the plot it works, why it works, and more importantly, the plot it could well actually perhaps give you the results you want.

Right here’s the answer you had been looking out to to find. Right here’s what took me from a burned out enterprise owner who had given up on writing reproduction to pumping out gross sales letters, emails, weblog posts, and up to now more without danger.

In fact, since I came across this system I went on to:

Write the Fb commercials that helped to stabilize and grow my 7 figure neatly being enterprise… (we’ve 5X’d our gross sales in a cramped bit of over a yr)

Write 2 Weekly Newsletters

for copywriters and enterprise owners

Write More than one Weekly Marketing and marketing Emails

Write 3-4 Weblog Posts Per Week (BIG POSTS)

Write a 10,000+ Observe Weblog Post stout of copywriting tips that now ranks #1 on Google…


a brand original gross sales letter for my supplement enterprise

which is within the meantime changing at more than 10% on email traffic…

Oversee and edit the reproduction of more than one stout time copywriters who work for me PLUS 2 others who are working for me on contract

Begin 2 original corporations alongside with an funding fund and a SAAS

Make investments in more than one up and coming corporations admire Gumroad & a Tim Ferriss Backed Startup

And I did all this whereas by no plot stressing or struggling with what to jot down about. What stunned me most wasn’t that I will be able to even now write gross sales letters hasty and straightforward. I wasn’t horrified that I will be able to even have commercials for Fb and Google in a fraction of the time. I wasn’t even stunned that writing lengthy have weblog posts felt fun and straightforward.

What truly did blow my solutions was once the gross sales letters. No longer simplest the rate or even the quality. However the conversions. I used to be once introduced up within the laborious-knock college of copywriting. If it wasn’t painful to present – it wasn’t gonna convert.

This original route of was once the EXACT opposite of my outdated reproduction trip. No longer simplest was after I writing more reproduction, sooner, and more straightforward than ever earlier than – the commercials I wrote now had been resonating with my audience more than ever.

More comments, more clicks, more leads, more gross sales.

And that i owe it all to three easy principles

By no plot Begin up From A Easy Page

Write With “Lego Blocks” NOT An Etch-A-Sketch

Make Definite You By no plot Lose An Notion, Reward, Or Thought Again

Let’s unpack these staunch like a flash. RULE # 1 is easy adequate in theory. You shouldn’t begin from a blank page. However how enact you indisputably enact that? When I interviewed all these academics writing about neuroscience and developed mathematics and programming I made a discovery.

The “gleaming” ones who produced right works of genius weren’t “creators” they had been compilers. They principally be taught books, listened to audiobooks and podcasts, and be taught scholarly articles. They chose these “sources” because they contained the records they wished.

Then they jotted down solutions and solutions from these more than one sources and disciplines. When it came time to jot down they NEVER began from scratch. In fact, they nearly “wrote” as they went and that they had good adequate solutions to work with.

One of the biggest complaints I heard from this neighborhood was once that that they had so essential they wished to jot down about and that they had this form of backlog of solutions they had been sad that they couldn’t internet to it all!

Imagine that – having good adequate field materials to work with so that writing is without danger placing collectively americans’s work and placing a drag on it to form it your accept as true with!

And that leads us to RULE # 2. Write with Lego Blocks… no longer an etch-a-sketch.

I will most likely be dating myself right here a cramped bit, nonetheless when I used to be once a child we had this toy known as an etch-a-sketch and you principally would drag these two knobs in tell to present one thing.

It was once laborious work, in most cases taking hours or even days of intense focal point and dexterity. And if you had been completed you would also gain this rather portion of art. However, then what came about? Properly, you would shake the etch-a-sketch and all your laborious work would vanish. Erased. Long gone within the blink of an sight.

That’s how we have a tendency to plot our copywriting and ad creation. We put in all this work increasing a murals (no less than we assume so anyway) simplest to lose it the total moment we’re completed.

If you produce your commercials the use of the ragged Copywriting 1.0 paradigm – which I name the Etch-a-Sketch Manner, you end up working laborious once then erasing all that laborious work.

The original model, the one who will get results, that’s backed by years of scientific overview by professors admire Dr. Sönke Ahrens is to make use of what I name the Lego Block Manner.

Might perhaps presumably gain to you should well manually draw a tower the use of an etch-a-sketch it could well actually perhaps also care for cease hours. Might perhaps presumably gain to you utilize Legos, it could well actually perhaps also care for cease minutes. Why? Because legos already exist. You don’t have to produce them from scratch.

You pretty hunch to your “Lego” series and establish the right legos for the job. And over time, you internet sooner and sooner as you understand the build your legos are and what you’ve used them for within the past.

With the procedure I came across, I produce cramped “Lego” admire blocks of reproduction that I gain one click internet admission to to. I race and fall the legos within the right tell, form just a few edits, and voila… I gain a strategy-instantaneous and positively easy gross sales letter.

This “Lego Block” procedure is how surely one of my college students Gerald wrote a 5,000 observe gross sales letter in precisely 37 minutes. In actuality, he timed it. Now, obviously you should well be taught my easy route of for increasing these blocks.

It involves doing a cramped bit of very frequent overview following my 6P Framework.







If you birth building blocks your skill to jot down excessive changing commercials FAST and EASY compounds.

And that brings me to RULE # 3 – Make Definite You By no plot Lose An Notion, Reward, Or Thought Again.

This one is painfully apparent, nonetheless I want you to in truth pay attention to it.

What number of good solutions gain you had whereas riding within the automobile, on a shuffle, or within the bathe. You mean to jot them down nonetheless then you positively neglect them. Or, how about this one. What number of books gain you be taught and if you’re completed you would also barely even undergo in solutions what the guide was once about?

What number of podcasts enact you hear to stout of good solutions that by no plot quantity to one thing else?

To build it one other plot – aren’t you sick of attractive a whole lot bright records without it having a considerable affect on your reproduction or your on-line enterprise income? I mean name me loopy, nonetheless whereas you’re one thing else admire me you presumably be taught articles day to day, books each and per week, hear to podcasts and audiobooks within the automobile, and yet – what turns into of all that records?

For me – it was once truly “in a single ear and out the other”. Until, I came across my copywriting procedure. This system leverages skills and instruments that form taking pictures solutions, notes, solutions, guide and podcast highlights, rather essential one thing else you’d like to gain – EASY and computerized.

I flinch when I pay attention to how essential records I’ve lost over the years. E-book solutions, winning headlines, good leads, astonishing guarantees, merchandise that could by no plot gaze the light of day – all because I didn’t gain my Copywriting Device setup.

I’m no longer gonna sugar coat it. RULE # 3 is the biggest of them all. And it comes down to what I name the 3 Commandments of Rule 3. You wish to gain a tool in sing to COLLECT records that could even be used in all your marketing. You wish to then be ready to CONVERT that records into “Lego Blocks” of reproduction that you would also use time and time again.

And at final, you ought to silent be ready to CLASSIFY this records into what I name the “Limitless Folder Device”. Right here’s the fragment of my procedure that blows other americans away. It’s this form of soar into the future and it’s the principle sauce that makes copywriting in truth easy, in truth easy, so hasty, so unbelievably easy that it nearly defies good judgment.

Lawful now you presumably begin a blank google doc and begin typing. You hope and pray the right phrases come to you as you blindly fight the blank page. I’ve been there and it’s no solution to are living your life, belief me!

With the Limitless Folder Device, each and each portion of records you accumulate or produce from anyplace on this planet (on-line and offline) is magically transported to 1 central “brain” that you would also internet admission to from anyplace.

Teach you should well write an ad about a teaching or consulting enterprise. You would literally form within the observe “coach” and in a topic of seconds gaze the whole lot you cataloged below that observe.

Might perhaps presumably gain to you should well write about a undeniable supplement, you form within the title of the supplement and there you’ll to find each and each see, each and each chart, each and each point out you’ve ever written down about that field.

And even per chance more importantly – all your notes are interconnected. Practically admire a Wikipedia page the build moderately plenty of solutions link collectively. This takes writing commercials from messy and boring to magical and fun. Copywriting is now not any longer a chore, nonetheless a mischievous discovery of solutions, notes, concepts, headlines, leads, and more.

And whereas you’re a enterprise owner, it’s even better. Because this Limitless Folder Device entails the total finest, very best changing time-tested templates. You pretty form 2 keys on the keyboard and press enter – and the templates seem – admire magic.

You absorb within the blanks with your present Reproduction – the Lego Blocks – and BAM – Sales Letter whole.

I will be able to even hunch and on about how ultimate this system is and the plot essential it’s changed my life and the plot essential I give it some thought could well perhaps commerce your life… nonetheless this file is getting plot too lengthy already.

How My Step forward Can Lift Your Bottom line

You gaze, when I sing out on my hurry of discovery to resolve my accept as true with pickle, I wasn’t looking out to enact one thing else as a change of relief myself. After I uncovered that underground world of academics and productiveness nerds, I used to be once hopeful I would to find somebody within the copywriting world who had been there earlier than me so I will be able to even pretty “reproduction” their laborious work.

Unfortunately for me, I used to be once the principle one from the “enterprise” world and especially the copywriting world to to find this subculture. After spending thousands of bucks and endless hours I knew what I needed to enact.

There was once no “out of the field” solution. I needed to care for cease these two worlds – the arena of “records administration” and copywriting and mix them. I used to be once the midwife to this original toddler, a baby that held the hope to form my copywriting and enterprise work more straightforward and better than ever earlier than.

And fortuitously, after months of trial and error, paid consultations with a programmer from the UK, a Stoic Logician from Amsterdam, a excessive-vitality lawyer from Texas, and watching plot too many YouTube movies from a genius Eastern child…. I put it all collectively.

I had a tool that took the finest of each and each worlds… records administration & copywriting. When I put it to make use of in my accept as true with enterprise with my accept as true with reproduction and lisp material I used to be once blown away. I began making extra cash than earlier than, wrote more lisp material, got more definite feedback, and had more fun than I gain had in years writing reproduction and promoting merchandise on-line! (obviously I will no longer guarantee your results)

I mentioned what I used to be once engaged on in a minute underground forum and to my surprise I got a ton of definite feedback from other americans that asked me if I will be able to even relief them sing up this copywriting procedure for themselves.

So, I spread out a minute beta neighborhood and nearly instantly I provided 50 spots! It was once loopy! So many contributors educated me this was once precisely what they had been looking out to to find. They had been enterprise owners, freelancers, copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs who had struggled for years with having a scientific, confirmed, time-tested route of for writing commercials and replica that pretty worked.

I didn’t gain plans past that first neighborhood, nonetheless the feedback was once so astonishing and the testimonials so solid, I felt admire I needed to fragment this with anyone and everyone I will be able to even. I gave it to my in-house copywriters they most regularly liked it. That’s when I knew it was once time to originate this to the arena.

However first I needed a title for this system. I knew it combined the methodology of what is identified as 2nd brain systems alongside with copywriting.

So, I began calling it my Copywriter Mind. And the title have of stuck.

Introducing Copywriter Mind

So allow me to introduce to you the one and simplest procedure of its sort. My Course – Copywriter Mind. I know I’m biased nonetheless I firmly believe that this route can commerce no longer simplest your copywriting skill and your on-line enterprise income, nonetheless also your whole life.

It’s worked admire magic in my accept as true with life and within the lives of many contributors I’ve confirmed it to. However, what precisely is the Copywriter Mind route and what’s in it? Let’s study it now so that you would also mediate if this route is for you. Spoiler alert – whereas you’d like to have to jot down reproduction with ease, obliterate the blank page, gaze your conversion charges amplify and your stress levels decrease – it’s for you.

Copywriter Mind is an 8 Module Course with each and each module building on the module earlier than it. I’ll temporarily bustle thru each and each module and give you the excessive stage overview of what you’ll see in each and each module:

Module 1: How To Ethically Rob All The Reproduction & Advertisements You Might perhaps presumably Ever Favor!

First up now we gain Module 1 – Copywriting Be taught Overview. If I had been to rename this module I will be able to even name it “How To Ethically Rob All The Reproduction & Advertisements You Might perhaps presumably Ever Favor”.

Because in actuality, that’s what this module is all about. I shuffle you through the total finest locations on-line (and offline) to repeat good solutions and reports and gross sales reproduction that you would also pretty “care for cease” from.

Clearly, you would also’t pretty reproduction/paste it nonetheless you would also gain so essential records at your fingertips that the blank page is DESTROYED with out a waste in sight.

If you internet thru module 1, right here’s how your life will most likely be more straightforward…

You’ll gain a list of “hidden” honey holes to amass the total overview and records you would also ever are desirous to

write excessive changing commercials

The blank page will most likely be a memory, you’ll by no plot fight with creator’s block again!

You’ll gain a brand original pickle – your solutions will most likely be buzzing with so many solutions you obtained’t gain adequate time to jot down the whole lot you’d like to gain!

You’ll gain the framework in sing to hasty write neatly-researched, excessive quality, excessive-changing reproduction for the the relaxation of your life.

Module 2: The New Paradigm Of Copywriting

In this module I in truth destroy down what it takes to mentally switch from Copywriting 1.0 to the original paradigm which I name Copywriting 2.0. You’ll see the energy of compounding network thought, easy solutions to form your accept as true with Wikipedia to form copywriting fun again, plus you’ll be taught about the energy of Atomic Notes.

This module will give you the clarity to shift from the ragged plot of pondering and writing into a whole original world of chances.

If you’re completed with this module you’ll gain at your fingertips:

How to present notes for “future you” so that you by no plot lose a single point out or understanding again

How to make use of the energy of “time shuttle” to

form your copywriting future proof

The secret of Bi-directional pondering and the plot this magic energy turns you into a copywriting wizard

Module 3: Copywriting As A Be taught Manufacturing facility

Then there’s Module 3 – surely one of my favourite modules! It’s known as Copywriting As A Be taught Manufacturing facility and this one is next stage, if I enact articulate so myself. You’ll hasty see that writing reproduction is pretty admire running a factory. Your “product” is phrases and you’re going to also very neatly be the plant supervisor.

You’ll see solutions to sing up your factory hasty and straightforward so that you gain a tool that nearly runs itself. Again, some of this could well well sound astonishing nonetheless you’ve got to scrutinize this module to in truth note how considerable this original plot of pondering is.

If you’ve watched this module you’ll know:

The 5 Phases Of Reproduction Advent – A Course of I name DOC Dr. – after getting this procedure on your arsenal you’ll by no plot fight with “solutions” again

How to make use of “Brute Force” Exposure to

write gross sales letters, emails, and other forms of commercials

about issues that you beforehand knew nothing about! In as cramped as an hour!

Why the finest solution to jot down original reproduction is to deconstruct ragged reproduction. You’ll know precisely easy solutions to enact it and “ethically take” what you should well write killer reproduction

Module 4: My Favourite Spots For Files & Files Gathering

Then, in module 4 we’ll hunch on a tour of all my favourite “hot spots” the build you would also dangle the total records and records you would also ever want. In fact, I give you 20 moderately plenty of locations to head to repeat the total stuff you should well know to jot down astonishing reproduction.

In this fragment I also point to my staunch “secret sauce” – the 37 formulation that hunch interior each and each successful gross sales letter I’ve ever written or reviewed. If you gain these formulation you no longer have to bet or surprise whereas you’ve written a factual gross sales letter. In fact, whereas you’re nodding alongside as you see this video it’s because I’ve already covered 31 of the gross sales formulation thus far.

You’ll also begin writing your first Reproduction “Lego” blocks right here in Module 4.

If you’ve consumed module 4, you’ll be ready to:

Atomize down a gross sales letter into 37 formulation so that you would also hasty and easily form a gross sales letter by going out and gathering the lawful formulation

Properly designate and catalog all your records so it’s straight discoverable for any of your future projects

Fetch entry to & Exhaust that will most likely be used to and pretty about one thing else you’d like to have to jot down!

Module 5: The magical tech stack

Right here’s the build the Copywriter Mind route leaps forward of every other copywriting or marketing and marketing route available. Definite, there’s other copywriters sharing templates and teaching their copywriting methodology.

However NONE of them display you easy solutions to leverage present skills to form what they educate sooner and more straightforward and within the waste more effective. In this fragment, I display you precisely easy solutions to make use of 10 moderately plenty of instruments to form copywriting up to now more palatable and straightforward for you.

Behold a quote you admire as you be taught an editorial? Highlight it and in a single click automatically gain it saved to your “Limitless Folder” procedure. Reading a guide on your kindle and assume the memoir could well perhaps be factual for an email? Highlight it and admire magic it appears to be like on your Limitless Folder procedure aka your Copywriter Mind.

You don’t have to make use of the total instruments, you would also pretty establish the ones that are right for you. However, this module takes you from “theory” to circulation in truth hasty. Might perhaps presumably gain to you’ve ever provided records earlier than and no longer put it into discover – this module will commerce all that for you.

You literally can practice alongside and produce the final “capture” procedure so hasty you obtained’t give it some thought.

If you’ve accomplished this fragment you’ll gain:

The tip 10 instruments that form copywriting with the Copywriter Mind procedure hasty and straightforward

The Secret Device At the back of the “Limitless Folder” procedure so that you by no plot lose records or records or solutions again

Precisely easy solutions to route of records and turn it into reproduction prepared phrases to your gross sales pages, emails, weblog posts, and more

Module 6: The Limitless Folder Device

Right here’s the build the magic happens. This module is all about Utilizing The Limitless Folder Device. I want you to believe a submitting cupboard. You know the plot whereas you build one thing in a single folder, then it could well actually perhaps’t be in a single other folder right?

Magnificent apparent. Therein lies the pickle with copywriting 1.0 – the ragged plot. Let’s articulate you discover a glorious case see to relief you sell surely one of your merchandise. Where enact you file it? It’s a case see, nonetheless it’s also about financial services and products, to illustrate. You would also produce a folder for the mission and put it below Case Reviews.

However later, if you hunch to to find it again – you presumably don’t gain any understanding the build it is. If it’s in Google Docs factual success finding it again! Did you fragment it with somebody else or did they fragment it with you? Who knows!

Utilizing this procedure I name the Limitless Folder Device solves this pickle with out a waste in sight. It enables you to sort and file your records in as many locations as you’d like to gain without increasing a single file or folder. It’s designed to work pretty admire your brain works. So if you hunch to discover a topic topic later you pretty form in a observe or two and there’s what you’re looking out to to find. And the finest fragment – this all happens interior of one procedure. You by no plot have to hunch away to seem one thing else!

After you’ve watched this module you’ll gain:

Your whole notes, overview, solutions, reproduction, even obligations whereas you’d like to gain – interior one sing.

All the pieces you’ve written or created is literally one click away from you so that you would also to find it and use it sooner and more straightforward than ever.

The fashion you would also produce, recreate, reproduction, paste, and use the Lego block procedure to present your accept as true with copywriting materials with strategy easy output

Module 7: Copywriting In The Copywriter Mind Device

Right here’s the build the rubber meets the avenue. In this module we put it all collectively and begin writing commercials with this original procedure setup. This happens sooner than you ever thought that you would also assume of because I did the total laborious work of trial and error.

You are going to gaze precisely easy solutions to sing up a copywriting mission, easy solutions to tug from the Copywriter Mind so that you by no plot begin from scratch, and straightforward solutions to neatly “magnificent up” your Copywriter Mind to preserve it humming admire a neatly oiled machine.

You’ll see the 10 steps to producing killer reproduction that converts contained within the Copywriter Mind procedure. I’ll also display copywriters easy solutions to sing up prospects and templates for tracking all your work.

For enterprise owners and freelancers, you’ll internet the total methodology for writing commercials the use of the total templates I created so that you can form copywriting hasty and straightforward.

If you’ve accomplished this fragment you’ll be ready to:

Write excessive changing reproduction by simply pulling collectively Reproduction blocks

Cheat by the use of confirmed copywriting templates

provided by one of the most arena’s simplest copywriters

Agree with the self perception that you’ll by no plot fight with copywriting or even writing in frequent again!

Module 8: Placing It All Together

And then at final, there’s module 8 the build we recap the whole lot collectively and be sure you would also very neatly be prepared to “flit” on your accept as true with. Right here’s a shorter module nonetheless you’ll also be taught the system you would also begin increasing your accept as true with templates and processes to in truth form the Copywriter Mind procedure your accept as true with.

Good adequate Mike – This All Sounds Immense! However How A lot Is It Gonna Observe Me?

At this point, you’re potentially questioning about price. I know that’s the build my solutions could well perhaps be going right about now. I’d be pondering sure Mike this all sounds good – and clearly I need a copywriter brain procedure – I mean who doesn’t!

However how essential does it price?

Properly, let me articulate what it obtained’t price you. It’s no longer gonna price you $25,000 which is what I paid for my three hundred and sixty five days of reproduction teaching from an “A-Lister”. It’s no longer gonna price you $10,000 which is what I paid for a yr mastermind in a copywriter’s membership. It’s no longer gonna price you $5,000 which is what I paid one copywriter to jot down one gross sales letter for me.

It’s no longer gonna price you $1500 which is what I paid to relief the “records administration class” the build I learned about moderately plenty of the technical side of my Copywriter Mind Device.

In fact, the total procedure isn’t even gonna sell for the magic guru designate of $997 despite the incontrovertible truth that that’s dirt cheap whereas you pay attention to the truth that after getting a Copywriter Mind procedure you gain up to now more various in entrance of you.

Might perhaps presumably gain to you’re a copywriter, you’ll be ready to write more reproduction, better reproduction, reproduction that converts because you’re hitting on the right message… and you’ll be ready to enact this sooner and more straightforward than ever earlier than.

And whereas you’re a enterprise owner, freelancer or Entrepreneur you would also attach money by no longer having to pay costly copywriters admire me… or one guy I know who charges $50,000 for one gross sales letter!

No, in reality, I didn’t produce this product to internet rich. I already enact very neatly now with my more than one businesses. I don’t are desirous to provide it away obviously because I’ve poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this.

So, after moderately plenty of , I’ve made the choice to allow you buy the Copywriter Mind program for a one time designate of simplest $497. However, I’m running a special right this moment which knocks the designate down even extra.

I you would also very neatly be prepared for a copywriter brain that makes writing excessive changing commercials, weblog posts, gross sales letters, YouTube scripts, and in truth any roughly writing you would also enact nearly easy than click the button below right this moment and sing your tell.

You’ll internet the total Copywriter Mind route for simplest $497 $97 One-Time. Lower than $100 bucks which is more cost-effective than you’d pay for one mediocre copywriter to jot down you an email. And in its build, you’ll gain the flexibility to crank out as essential reproduction as your coronary heart needs – sooner and more straightforward than you would also presumably believe.

Might perhaps presumably gain to you desire, I’ll even will allow you to unfold the funds out over 2 months, so that you would also internet stout internet admission to to the Copywriter Mind route by making your first payment of simplest $55.00 this present day.

Location Your Express Now &

SAVE $400!

Paid in 2 funds of $55.00

Covered By 60 Day Money Abet State

Fetch Immediate Course Fetch entry to Right this moment After You Aquire.

Covered By 60 Day Money Abet State

Fetch Immediate Course Fetch entry to Right this moment After You Aquire.

Your Express At the present time Is 100% Assured Or Your Money Abet

I don’t want you to gain any anguish or anguish about this decision. That’s why your buy this present day is backed by my 100% a reimbursement guarantee. Aquire the route this present day, try it out for as much as 60 days. Might perhaps presumably gain to you don’t admire it, don’t want it, don’t admire the sound of my insist, whatever!

Trusty let me know and I’ll refund your tell instantly. I don’t want your money, I want you to internet results. So, you would also relaxation easy shining that you have not any risk this present day by any potential. In fact, I’m taking up the total risk because that’s how essential I believe on this route & program.

So, hunch right this moment, whereas it’s new on your solutions and internet the route. Click on the BIG button below and sing your tell right this moment. You’ll be taken to the stable checkout have. This video will proceed taking part in.

Comprise out your contact records. Enter your bank card particulars and click tell.

You’ll internet an email confirmation instantly with your login records.

That email comes from me so whereas you gain any questions alongside the system you would also shoot me a message and I enact my simplest to answer ASAP. Additionally, whereas you make a choice the route is now not any longer for you, pretty answer to that email interior 30 days and let me know and I’ll refund you no questions asked – and no deplorable emotions in any appreciate.

I want you to please in and more than one thing else I want you to write HIGH CONVERTING KILLER COPY that will get RESULTS to your on-line enterprise. That’s my arrangement for you with my route. Because I bet back to some years ago when I principally quit writing reproduction.

Had I no longer came across this system I don’t know the build I could well perhaps be. I don’t want anyone else to gain that feeling of despair or doubt any extra. You truly can write better commercials, commercials that truly work and grow your on-line enterprise – if you gain the right procedure to practice.

I believe that procedure is Copywriter Mind and it could well actually perhaps relief you write excessive changing reproduction sooner and more straightforward than you ever imagined.

So click the button below right this moment and sing your tell.

Paid in 2 funds of $55.00

Covered By 60 Day Money Abet State

Fetch Immediate Course Fetch entry to Right this moment After You Aquire.

Covered By 60 Day Money Abet State

Fetch Immediate Course Fetch entry to Right this moment After You Aquire.

Test Out Some Testimonials From Overjoyed College students

You would join the likes of Gerald who emailed me to let me know that he adopted my procedure to write a 5,000 observe gross sales letter in 37 minutes.

Or Max who knocked out the total route in a day and educated me that he now for the principle time ever doesn’t in truth feel apprehensive about starting up on a brand original copywriting project. He feels admire he has the flexibility to jot down about any topic with self perception. He, admire moderately plenty of my other college students, has obliterated the blank page!

And there’s many other testimonials admire Omari who mentioned it was once sight-opening for him despite the incontrovertible truth that he’s been a talented copywriter for 8 years! Or James, who mentioned my route has been a godsend to his whole team.


Reveal-All Interviews With The World’s Prime Copywriters

And whereas you’re silent on the fence, I are desirous to will allow you to take dangle of about a like a flash circulation bonus for signing up for the route right this moment. I’m alongside with 12 more extra coaching that comprises 7 A-List Copywriters &  5“2nd Mind” experts.

I in truth wished to over bring on this product. I’m a sucker for providing price and potentially ought to silent price loads more nonetheless that is now not any longer my arrangement right here. I in truth are desirous to form copywriters better.

So, I went out and got all my Copywriter chums to enact some interviews all about how they contend with their copywriting projects. And this list of copywriters entails some noted A-listers.

Right here’s the list of the Copywriters I used to be once ready to interview and form a component of this astonishing program:

Kim Krause Schwalm (A-Lister) and I talked about

how she does overview and the plot she chooses a principal particular person supplement when she has to enact a neatly being promo.

Kevin Rogers (Reproduction Chief) and I talked about easy solutions to behavior interviews and the principle lesson we can all be taught from Arise Comics

Chris Von Wilpert shared his lisp material overview secrets and ways plus how he exploits a weakness in Google search to internet FREE traffic

Derek Johanson (Reproduction Hour) talked about easy solutions to to find ragged gross sales letters for inspiration and straightforward solutions to in truth know your audience

David Garfinkel (A-Lister) Shared His Programs For Be taught And In actuality Homed In On Discovering The Massive Notion At the back of Every Promo.

Russ Reynolds (neatly being reproduction genius) shared the valid sites he makes use of to enact overview and

Brian Kurtz (COO Boardroom) went over how Copywriters can internet more freelancing work (that is a have to-see whereas you’d like to gain more work!)

PLUS… I interviewed 5 other 2nd Mind experts  all about how they use the Mind procedure so that you would also use it for other areas of your life as neatly – no longer pretty copywriting)


How To Fabricate Out Your Freelance Device To Fetch More Purchasers

Right here’s a brand original bonus I’m pretty alongside with now. I internet asked on a frequent basis easy solutions to internet more prospects. While I by no plot centered particularly on getting prospects, I unbiased as of late created a product with some copywriters who gain constructed up moderately a tool to finding, attracting, and shutting copywriting prospects.

These forms of prospects stick around too. So, whereas you’d like to have to increase your skill to write reproduction that converts & be taught time-tested solutions for getting more prospects, then dangle the stout Copywriter Mind route now. I will be able to even embody (FREE) the trainings on easy solutions to form out a Freelance Client Appeal Device.

So, whereas you’d like to gain these bonuses, then hunch forward right this moment and click the button below and sing your tell. Take into account you would also very neatly be protected by my 60 day a reimbursement guarantee so that you do now not gain one thing else to lose or anguish about.

You would let me care for cease the total risk to point out that what I’m announcing is good. Fetch began building your accept as true with Copywriter Mind this present day for simplest $497 $97 or pretty 2 easy funds of $55.00. It doesn’t internet more straightforward than this or more cheap to lattach easy solutions to present a copywriting procedure from an 8 figure enterprise builder and copywriter.

Paid in 2 funds of $55.00

Covered By 60 Day Money Abet State

Fetch Immediate Course Fetch entry to Right this moment After You Aquire.

Covered By 60 Day Money Abet State

Fetch Immediate Course Fetch entry to Right this moment After You Aquire.

The Different Is Yours

And Yours By myself

At this point, you gain just a few choices forward of you. You would cease this video and hunch on with your life. Might perhaps presumably gain to you’re a copywriter, you would also return to Google Docs and blank pages, and random notes stuck right here and there.

You would return to learning books you neglect about, being attentive to audios you don’t undergo in solutions, and even worse increasing overview that you utilize once and by no plot gaze again.

That is’ the easy direction in quite loads of solutions, because you don’t commerce and you pretty internet that your reproduction is what it is and that it’ll by no plot internet more straightforward or better.

Might perhaps presumably gain to you’re a enterprise owner you would also proceed to jot down reproduction that doesn’t work, or hire costly copywriters who end up letting you down over and over. Again, that’s the easy various.

On the other hand it is no longer the right various.

The other possibility is to try Copywriter Mind out to your self. Snatch it for a 30 day risk-free test force. If this route and procedure isn’t the whole lot I’ve mentioned it is, then pretty email me and listing me you’d like to gain your a reimbursement.

The ragged plot is stout of risk. Give up you’d like to have to proceed on with life as it has been? Give up you’d like to gain all your reproduction projects to be a fight? Give up you’d like to have to begin each and each original gross sales letter watching a blank page? Doubtful of what to teach next?

You gain two choices in entrance of you. I bet the safer play is to check up on Copywriter Mind and internet an edge and an profit over your competition this present day.

So, the time to act is now. Click on the tell button below and sing your innocuous tell. In comparison to what I’ve paid to repeat this records, the designate you’re paying this present day is a fall within the bucket.

And undergo in solutions you ought to silent seek the advice of with your CPA, nonetheless within the USA this ought to silent depend as a enterprise expense which plot a tax write-off. And what better plot are you able to invest on your self, your on-line enterprise, and your future than getting a Copywriter Mind right this moment.

Click on the button below now and sing your tell. We’ll gain your Copywriter Mind up very hasty flat. Trusty undergo in solutions, day to day that goes by is some other day of “lost records”… books you’ll by no plot undergo in solutions, articles you obtained’t recall, notes you’ll misplace.

Once your Copywriter Mind is grew to become on, it’s admire an records magnet – gathering all your recollections, notes, records, and solutions and sending them to 1 central sing the build they’ll are living with out a waste in sight… prepared to be utilized by you to present the supreme changing commercials you’ve ever made.

So, hunch forward and click the button below right this moment and absorb out the must sing your tell.

I are desirous to thank you for learning this file and I’ll gaze you contained within the Copywriter Mind route!

Paid in 2 funds of $55.00

Covered By 60 Day Money Abet State

Fetch Immediate Course Fetch entry to Right this moment After You Aquire.

Covered By 60 Day Money Abet State

Fetch Immediate Course Fetch entry to Right this moment After You Aquire.

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