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Controversial YouTuber Silences Lazy Gospel Pianists With This Fresh 5-equipment Armor

You obtained’t agree with what took location

after 9 days…

Hi Mr Oluwajoba, I’m one in all your college students by the title of Sylvester Matale, I would to testify about how helpful your programs hang helped me,I will boldly narrate am a educated participant now thanks to you. May the apt Lord encourage you more for us to profit. God bless – Sylvester Matale

Defend reading this document to transfer looking:

  • How despite every thing that you might well additionally fair had been told… any beginner to improved musicians can learn improved actions… without compromising the usual of your enhance process.

  • How dozens of common pianists hang now not excellent improved their sound with this equipment… they grew closer to improved stage in exactly about a months!

Or now not it’s miles very critical to hang bumped into an insane quantity or YouTube shorts and Tik Tok videos of some random man smacking a typical music…

With all form of palatable alternate progression and chord actions so without issues, it nearly makes you slump crazy.

With out doubts you obtained’t should be a music PhD holder to take into yarn him a piano grasp.

Now take into accout being that Tik Tok man with an never-ending waft of palatable chord actions dripping down your fingers adore honey…

Defend that for your “apt-brain”… cuz I’m about to have that dream come precise.

You sign… What separates the “Huge-Boys” from everyone else is what I call…

The Armour of


You open to have it for your intermediate-improved stage

Truly, musicians call this stage a “decorative constructing stage” because of that’s the set you plough in opposition to every odds to opt up your fingers on this rotund Armor of Embellishment.

And you dare now not call yourself an improved participant in case you’re  now not armed with this rotund armor because every single A-stage pianist are entirely kitted with this armor

That’s why they seem a sure  breed, humiliating everyone else, Commanding  honor and respect all over the location they demonstrate up.

But the apt data is you don’t should soak yourself in a long time of practice to have an never-ending waft of soul caressing chords.

All you should discontinue is assign on THIS Armor of Embellishment, and that you might well be in a position to open taking part in  adore a god… even with a inexperienced persons’ fingers because of I’ve damaged all of it down into 5 easy structures.

I call it the 5-equipment Armor of Embellishment.

25+ Years Of Gospel Piano Abilities

This 5-equipment Armor of Embellishment is 25 years of aggressive reviews… examine… practice and signing up for hundreds of programs Compressed into 5 easy structures.

The irregular portion is…

I forged this armor to silence mediocre pianists who point accusing fingers at their competence stage when I apt them for taking part in lethal listless. But I by no come knew it would change their lives without extinguish.

I became blown away by the wealth of data within the elaborations and fills xtreme route. Oluwajoba does an remarkable job of explaining the ideas within the abet of the elaborations and fills principle, and presents heaps of examples and workout routines to practice. I’m already seeing a huge enchancment in my taking part in after excellent about a days of following this route. For sure counsel it for somebody attempting to grab their gospel piano abilities to the following stage! Joseph Keys

And Joyce who excellent bought employed at a fresh church is now wowing the congregation…

The Embellishments and Fills Xtreme route is a address trove of data! I became blown away by the depth and breadth of the field fabric covered on this route. From classic fills to in fashion elaborations, there became so mighty chilly stuff to learn and explore. The trainer is an educated and participating, and the route is organized in a come that makes it easy to digest and practice the ideas to your delight in taking part in. I will boldly narrate I’m no longer intermediate; I’m an improved Pianist now, thanks to Oluwajoba – Joyce

This could well per chance additionally fair grab your play to a entire assorted stage. So mighty stuff – Henry Irabor

A wealth of data. Chilly stuff – Anonymous

We each know that improved chords are now not with out a doubt easy to “assign into practice” nonetheless I’ve made it with out a doubt easy, any beginner and intermediate can opt it up and slump to conflict.

However, You discontinue should know your ABCs and each single main element of piano101.

Within the event you realize nothing about piano… otherwise you’re barely on the gate of the piano world and you wish to delight in this armor, please employ the abet-door now. I honestly can’t attend you.

Hi, my title is Oluwajoba Odesanya.

Within the event you’re no stranger to my state material on social media… You’d recall that I’m an aggressive preacher of being unforgettable…

Truly that’s the pillar of every thing I hiss in my YouTube channel“ play hot chords”

And in a puny while, I’m going to demystify the genius within the abet of each single shiny chord flow accessible.


I’ve Been Doing Music Reasonably Great My Whole Lifestyles

More Than 28 Years Now…

And I’ve earned the glory of infamous piano experts in and outdoors of YouTube

I’ve mastered every thing of  the improved piano curriculum… From technical gymnastics… to inventiveness… to musicianship… Name them!

Unless it’s actually “out-of-this-world”… Nothing is dopamine to me!

But most importantly, I perceive how it feels to be trapped in a thoughts cage. I sign the wretchedness of your intuition telling you to sprinkle a contact of texture to your play nonetheless your thin embellishment vocabulary holds you abet.

I perceive how it feels to flee to about a so-referred to as YouTube piano coaches for serve excellent for them to feed you rapidly fixes that by no come closing.

Sadly, the precise and precise ones yell you to grab things behind and develop at your delight in tempo.

Urgh… That’s now not a terrible advice. Matter of truth, I practiced many hours day-to-day to become who I’m this day… SLOWLY… But we’re in a time the set mediocrity will easiest discourage listeners. Truly, of us easiest love mastery this day.

So How Originate Newbies Live to train the tale? When the church is choked rotund of “I’ve-heard-it-all” audience. Even about a improved sounds develop fatigued on listeners… Let on my own, beginner sounds.

That’s why I forged this 5-equipment Armor of Embellishment in command that you’ll by no come play “meh” chords again — even after you’ve had 12 shots of tequila.

Aquire the Armor of Embellishment for $112

“Does It Lunge Against The Precept Of Development & Pattern For Newbies & Intermediates?”

“Pattern is tiresome & Sequential”— the National Affiliation for Music Education (NAfME)

The gallop against piano mastery is now not a recede. It’s MARATHON! And while everyone has their delight in peculiar process. Skipping ranges is one in all the worst things that you might well be in a position to ever discontinue to yourself because of it obtained’t easiest compromise the usual of your enhance process. Which you should well maybe additionally fair discontinue up a tantalizing apple with tainted core and sustaining high stage efficiency will naturally be unattainable because of you haven’t had the likelihood to constructing up the fundamental abilities & resilience.

That’s why we preach the gospel of grade by grade day-to-day practice routine at every replacement to apt delusional of us who salivate after the following flashy ornaments, ignoring the reality that they should roll up their sleeves and discontinue the soiled work.

But in case that you might well additionally fair hang already bought a day-to-day practice routine, I’m sure you normally pull out stuffs from the “Superior shelf,” that’s entirely gorgeous — in case that you might well additionally fair hang already bought a tradition routine. This “5-equipment Armor of embellishment” is great one those items on the Superior-shelf.

Nonetheless it’s now not excellent any usual item, it’s one which will choke the dryness out of your sound FOREVER!

And you don’t should anxiousness about about sabotaging the usual of your process. If the relaxation, it’ll easiest sharpen your musical intelligence and “NITRO” you against an improved stage.

Testimonial From An Superior Touring Musician

The 5-Package Armour Of Embellishment Demystified

In 2021, I referred to as for a physical class with college students in my studio. All 21 of them had been of their behind beginner-stage.

The realizing became to prove what it takes to play mountainous-apt chord actions… pack my bags and head straight for a rehearsal.

But, against the discontinue of the lecture, I thought to myself – “How about we discontinue a puny excellent”

Wager what I did? I requested them to queue up and smoke a typical music at their easiest… one after the assorted.

And as usual “REFLEX” pushed me to present them immediate ideas on the residing. So, I decrease them off at every listless moment and confirmed them what NOT to play, WHAT to play, and HOW to yell every chord. I even did a puny sermon about “piano-pondering.”

And boy oh boy, it became so stuffed with relaxing, we needed to demand one other ideas session after 9 days.

The 2nd ideas session left me speechless, I could well maybe additionally barely even apt somebody because of they didn’t excellent plot their play, they improved their pondering and folks puny decisions.

We had a pair more sooner than the discontinue of closing 365 days, and now, I hang an exhaustive data of common beginner & intermediate weaknesses. And, I’ve Compressed your total clear up precise into a 5-equipment Armor of Embellishment.

This 5-Package Armor Is

More Than 2 A protracted time

Of My Laborious Earned Abilities Filled Into 5 Easy Constructions.

First: Broken-Chord Car/Arpeggio Movements

Right here’s the absolute best of all five kits.

But it’s the most misused… and misunderstood.

Truly, I in discovering many Intermediate-improved guys making glaring blunders on arpeggio actions.

(You obtained’t hear it because of their total competence overshadows their blunder)

But I’m going to illustrate you the 4-adaptations of improved arpeggio actions… plus when and HOW to weaponize them TODAY.

2nd: Diminished, Tumble-2 Movements

It’s no data that diminished chords sound so eerie… (generally…darkish)… and irregular…

And on this equipment, you’ll learn –

The buzzing methodology that will kick your creativity down within the pants and pump-in unlimited diminished tumble 2 actions tips.

Third: Candy Inner Voicings

Oh oh… Right here’s my favourite equipment.

It’s with out a doubt easy, yet very extremely effective and palatable. All you should discontinue is strategically administration about a finger muscle groups…

And voilà! Candy improved sound!

Fourth: Ditone/Tritone Movements

Right here’s more A-stage stuff which will require a beautiful quantity of main data.

But dozens of my beginner-intermediate college students now pull it off love it’s 2nd nature

Despite the incontrovertible truth that many employ this flow.

But easiest few sign the “music” within the abet of this flow.

And Lastly: Spotlight Chords

Imagine having an electrifying adore service…

In all places is saturated with vitality, then you definately strike a entirely uncommon chord and have everyone slump crazy.

That’s what Spotlight chord is all about.

It instructions EARDRUMS and makes listeners tumble in devour with you.

But the thing is… It’s now not with out a doubt about the chords.

It’s about WHEN and HOW you weaponize them.

And that is exactly what I could demonstrate you in my

Embellishments & Fills Course!

And that is exactly what I could demonstrate you in my Embellishments & Fills Course!

On this package deal, I could arm you with the 5-equipment armor of embellishment and definite off every confusion that you might well additionally fair hang about improved chords.

And in case you grab this critically, you’ll ignore taking part in “meh” chords FOREVER…

Within the event you concentrate on you already play hot chords, you’d be amazed at how mighty you don’t know when you opt up this package deal.

Merely assign, this embellishment package deal isn’t a beginner’s package deal, it’s an Intermediate-improved package deal made beginner friendly. So, whether or now not you’re a beginner or intermediate, this package deal will have your chords plenty more moist and juicy.

Right here’s the detailed version of what you’re going to opt up within the Embellishment & Fills Xtreme Package

  • INSTANT Download of the 5-equipment Armor of Embellishment the set that you might well learn:

  • The 4 arpeggio actions that subtly have listeners addicted to your sound

  • Murky Chords: transfer spherical with dissonant chords… and consonant chord voicings the employ of diminished tumble 2 actions

  • The “hybrid-chord” flow or now not it’s miles very critical to take hang of in yell so that you can be irreplaceable.

  • A irregular pattern-interrupt chord transfer that throws the highlight on you… and MORE see-popping chords

  • Substitute awkward silence with these 4 interior actions

Bonus #1 : Chord Development Movements Sub-Course

Right here’s a sub-route within the Embellishment & Fills Xtreme package deal…that teaches you to play punch-in-the-gut passing chords, the employ of the energy of dissonance. These are now not progressions that you might well in discovering on YouTube, by the come.

I Lined Every thing Under and More…

  • 7 3 6 transfer 1 ( 04 : 51)

  • 7 3 6 transfer 2 ( 08 : 14)

  • 3 6 2 5 1 4 transfer ( 06 : 40)

  • 5b 7 3 6 transfer (05 : 21)

  • 5 1 4 transfer 1 (07:09)

  • 5 1 4 transfer 2 (05:16)

Bonus #2: Superior Chord Voicings:

This route takes you on a 12-episode Crawl on how to play extended actions…

From Chord 2 Lunge As a lot as Chord 7b

Bonus #3: Which you should well Also Gather One in every of My Very-recommended and foundational Functions…

Gospel Piano Harmony Course

Right here’s a see-opening gallop via all 12 keys the set I stroll you via all extended chords from chord 1 to chord 7.

It’s merely a “don’t play  this, play THIS as a replacement” route. I obtained’t excellent demonstrate you what bunch of alternate chords to play. I demonstrate you HOW and WHEN to employ them.

Basically one of the very best portion is… all my college students hang reported to me that their comfortability on peculiar keys SPIKED in exactly about a weeks, thanks to this route.

And here is one other extremely effective bonus…

The Left Hand Superpowers: Unlocked Course

Right here’s a route with over 3 hours of videos that will change your left hand Piano sport without extinguish.

Leer the easy step-by-step gadget that finds the secret to constructing your left hand dexterity and talents with a easy practice routine methodology that you might be in a position to discontinue for 10 minutes day-to-day and derive 22 situation mountainous ends in exactly one week!

And Right here’s The Refreshing Section:

One Last Bonus: Free Gather entry to to Gospel Keys Easy Academy Membership Internet location

As quickly as you have your buy this day, that you might well be given a 100% reduce worth coupon code that you might be in a position to employ to opt up entry to the Gospel Keys Easy membership net location. Yes, that you might well be in a position to signup to my membership net location 100% free of price and if that you might well additionally be signed up, your membership entry remains intact.

Right here’s All Which you should well Gather If You Gather In TODAY:

  • INSTANT Download of the Embellishment & Fills Xtreme (Armor of Embellishment) package deal

  • 3 Bonus Functions for the Embellishments & Fills Xtreme package deal

  • My Gospel Piano Harmony route the set I stroll you via improved Gospel chords on all keys

  • The Left Hand Superpowers: Unlocked Course

  • Free entry to Gospel Keys Easy Academy membership net location

This total package deal is a mountainous and rare offer because of you’re going to opt up sign ends in case you grab this critically by applying the ideas within the route meticulously. This offer could well maybe additionally fair now not even be on hand for lengthy.

I’m easiest pricing this low because of I wish to stage the taking part in field for all.

Once the rapidly motion takers meet with me on the assorted facet, this offer will be CLOSED! And it’s now not coming abet at this worth… Ever!

So in yell for you this now. Gather it now sooner than we overview the price within the very shut to future.

But I bet you obtained’t sign this roughly serve I’m providing you in other areas — now not at this worth.

So that you might well be in a position to both hit the “abet button” and return to whatever stage of sound you have…

Otherwise that you might well be in a position to hit the button below and open your gallop of transformation for easiest $112

Within the event you’re in a position to transform your sound, here is what you should aloof discontinue:

If you fracture the button below, you’ll be funneled to the Clickbank price page

Full the easy price process and have your price via Card or PayPal.

It’s easy and safe!

And if you’re accomplished with your price, you’ll be led to the thank you page the set you’re going to opt up your total download hyperlinks and coupon codes for a free verify in on the Gospel Keys Easy Academy membership net location. Which you should well maybe per chance open downloading this package deal and bonuses straight.

Aquire the Armor of Embellishment now for $112

For Product Improve, please contact the seller HERE

For Train Improve, please contact ClickBank HERE

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