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Kris Fondran’s ShapeShifter YOGA

Kris Fondran — The Physique-Reworking Yoga Expert


…Killing yourself for hours within the gymnasium isn’t the

manner to a higher life-style…

Meet Kris Fondran

The Physique-Reworking Yoga Expert Viewed in

Kris Fondran has been educating and practising yoga for higher than 12 years. Her yoga journey and her Master’s diploma in Exercise Science build her one in every of the cease consultants on yoga and properly being this day. Because her coaching, Kris has developed a step forward program that helps folks turn into their bodies from flab to “fab” the usage of yoga alone. The readability of her presentation and the outcomes she gets alongside with her purchasers mean that Kris is in fixed demand for seminars and workshops all the device thru the sphere. She’s shared her data of properly being and properly being with groups in Germany, Slovenia, Holland, China, Singapore, Canada, and all the device thru the USA. Kris has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Form, Fitness, Yoga Journal, and diverse leading publications.

Introducing the step forward program

that gets you support to the body and

suggestions you admire and wish!

Dear Friend,

Ought to you’ve been having a gape for the vogue to lose cussed pounds and inches…

Ought to you judge you’ve tried everything to flatten your tummy, slim your thighs, firm your butt, and tone these jiggly fingers…

And when you’ve had it up to here with disturbing, slow exercise that eats up time you don’t maintain and leaves you sore and achy…

Then I’ve got gigantic recordsdata for you.

I’m going to pronounce you about an effortless, relaxing, and FUN manner to lose the flab, lose the inches, and lose the stress. It will abet you lastly fit into your “skinny jeans” and rep your sexiest body ever!

Not ultimate that, it ought to abet you like non-cease energy, banish rigidity and alarm, sleep higher than you maintain in years, soothe everyday aches and danger, and much more.

You don’t prefer to affix a gymnasium or exercise class — in actuality, you don’t even prefer to leave dwelling. You may perchance perchance well well presumably presumably enact it no topic how inflexible or off form you are now, and likewise you acquired’t damage or rigidity a single muscle. And you will explore a well-known distinction in as small as 20 minutes a day, three days per week. That’s proper one hour per week!

What am I speaking about? A step forward manner to yoga — yes, yoga — that reshapes your body… whereas reworking your properly being and your life!

Unhurried down, relax… and rep into

your “skinny jeans” one more time

Now, chance is you may perchance well also simply not judge of yoga as “actual” exercise. Presumably you judge it’s simply stretching… preserving what may perchance well well simply appear admire awkward poses… or buzzing “om”.

But there’s up to now more to yoga. That’s why I prefer to rep the word out to as many folks as that you just will judge of regarding the fantastic body-shaping and life-reworking benefits it ought to offer you.

Kris Fondran, founder of Shapeshifter Yoga, 6 days sooner than her forty fifth birthday.

My name is Kris Fondran. Years ago, I was the final individual you’d judge of as doing yoga. I was a long-distance marathon runner — and a fundamental, disturbing-charging “form A” persona. I continuously felt I needed to speed more durable and faster in every location of my life: well-known other, mother, graduate student, and teacher.

Then I stumbled on yoga. Fortuitously, I stumbled on it at a studio that taught yoga in its truest sense: gradual-engaging, focused, relaxing, and connected to the body. Doing yoga this form reworked my life by serving to me lastly gradual down, in preference to continuously going too rapid.

Yoga also reworked my body. It’s admire the final anti-growing outdated treatment! I’ve had three kids and am hitting my boring forties. But I will mild place apart on a bikini and feel gigantic about how I gape.

I also sleep admire a small one at night and feel more fit than ever. I don’t maintain the frequent aches and danger that slash up at heart age, at the same time as a dilapidated marathon runner. Plus I like more energy than folks I know who’re 10 or Two decades youthful than me!

Why yoga is more fit than jogging for burning off energy

So how can something as “straightforward” and relaxing as yoga enact such fantastic things for your body? It’s because whereas you will enact yoga and not work up noteworthy of a sweat, it doesn’t mean you’re not working your body disturbing. Let me point out…

Are these yoga myths maintaining you from engaging into your finest form ever?

Delusion #1: It’s good to enact lively, grueling exercise to burn energy.

TRUTH: You may perchance perchance well well presumably presumably burn proper as many energy (and even more paunchy) by doing yoga alone. Ought to you enact a series of yoga strikes collectively, your body gets a gigantic workout with out wreaking havoc alongside with your joints or leaving you out of breath. And you will burn proper as many energy as jogging!

Delusion #2: Yoga can’t abet you tumble some weight.

TRUTH: Yoga can abet you tumble some weight. Study proves these who enact yoga weigh 19 pounds less on average. This may perchance perchance well well be because yoga lowers cortisol ranges so that you just’re less doubtless to overeat or snack. Plus yoga is a gigantic manner to burn paunchy and energy (explore delusion #1)!

Delusion #3: “No ache, no build” is the guideline in the case of constructing muscle.

TRUTH: With yoga, you don’t prefer to seize weights because you seize your have confidence body weight in quite a lot of poses. This helps sculpt and tone your muscle mass whereas being gentle for your body. Plus the more muscle you have confidence, the more you boost your metabolism… so that you just burn even more paunchy and energy!

I maintain a Master’s diploma in Exercise Science, so I maintain a proper data of human anatomy and performance. I’ve even conducted my have confidence learn on yoga in a lab and when put next it to cardio exercise. And you shall be jumpy to hear what I learned from a up to date experiment.

Kris is burning as many energy as she would if she was jogging!

I had a colleague hook me up to a particular tool that measures caloric expenditure. Then I did a series of easy yoga postures strung collectively in something I call a “scamper”, which place apart my body into paunchy-burning zone. During 1 10-minute scamper, the tool confirmed I burned 7 energy per minute. That adds up to 420 energy in an hour — about what I’d burn by jogging!

Plus yoga is much higher for your joints than jogging. With jogging, I’d prefer to apprehension about inserting all that stress on my knees and hips. Genuinely, I had developed bursitis in my hip from all these years of jogging. But with yoga, my joints grew to changed into stronger and more flexible, in preference to stiff and achy.

That’s because yoga’s fluid actions allow your joints — even within the occasion that they’re swollen or painful — to waft smoothly over one one other, making improvements to energy and mobility… with NO place apart on and plod. And you’re in a device to burn off proper as many energy — and even more paunchy!

The hidden trigger that’s making you paunchy…

and reverse it

You heard me proper… yoga helps you burn off more paunchy — one other phenomenal advantage over cardio exercise. In the calorie watch I proper suggested you about, 6.3 of these 7 energy I burned per minute doing yoga had been from FAT. That comes out to a whopping 90% — the identical as with jogging! But yoga does something else to abet you burn off more paunchy: it lowers cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone your body releases when it’s below stress, which is why cortisol is on the total known as the “stress hormone”. It’s section of your body’s “battle or flight” response, designed to abet you waft from risk or defend yourself from predators. When your body releases cortisol, it floods your body with energy and offers you a higher ache threshold.

The scenario is, many folks are strolling round with high cortisol ranges the total time — and it’s not on account of the life-threatening eventualities this stress response was designed for. As a change, it’s on account of everyday stressors, admire an argument alongside with your well-known other or a tough day at work or at dwelling with the young folks.

Anything else that puts emotional or bodily stress for your body can develop cortisol. Even strenuous exercise admire jogging can elevate your cortisol to sky-high ranges. And these elevated cortisol ranges shall be making you paunchy!

That’s because when your cortisol ranges scramble up, it indicators your body to appreciate more — so that you just’re feeling hungry the total time. This causes you to appreciate bigger parts and snack more on the total, leading to weight build.

Cortisol also raises blood sugar ought to you’re feeling careworn out. This spike in blood sugar makes your body retailer more paunchy. And the roughly paunchy you’re doubtless to retailer is visceral paunchy — the abominable belly paunchy that’s linked to diabetes, hypertension, and high ldl cholesterol ranges.

Helps you lose cussed flab and belly paunchy — and preserve it off!

You may perchance perchance well well presumably presumably explore why you ought to keep some distance from stressing out your body and raising cortisol ranges. Sadly, it’s nearly not likely to erase stress from our lives. But learn reveals you will lower your body’s cortisol ranges by doing yoga.

In 2009, Indian researchers proved that most cancers sufferers who adopted a yoga program had lower ranges of cortisol than these who did not. And one other watch printed within the Annals of Behavioral Remedy confirmed that healthy college students who practiced yoga had lower cortisol ranges.


In reality feel more supple and versatile!

“I rep more supple, flexible, and fewer achy after doing Shapeshifter Yoga. It be a gigantic program!”

— Tamara, Michigan

This suggests you will enact yoga and rep the grand paunchy-blasting effects of lively cardio exercise, and minimize your cortisol ranges at the identical time. This may perchance perchance well well simply abet you lose cussed flab and belly paunchy… and preserve it off! Plus you will ignore the slow monotony of jogging, running on a treadmill, or utilizing a stationary bike.

Ought to you enact one in every of the straightforward yoga flows admire I did in my calorie watch, it nearly feels admire dancing. So you will maintain FUN whereas you’re getting fit and toned! Plus you’ll be amazed how yoga in actuality does abet you tumble these extra pounds…

Watch proves a half hour of yoga per week can build 19 pounds vanish!

A up to date clinical trial — funded by the Nationwide Most cancers Institute — checked out 15,500 healthy, heart-dilapidated men and girls. All of them accomplished a ogle about their bodily exercise (including yoga) and their weight between the ages of Forty five and 55.

Researchers then analyzed the info and factored out food diagram and diverse forms of exercise that can well well trigger weight changes. They stumbled on that these who had been already chubby to launch misplaced about 5 pounds on average, neutral by doing one 30-minute session of yoga per week!

In the meantime, these who didn’t educate yoga acquired virtually 14 pounds. That’s just a few 19-pound distinction… or the adaptation between wearing a dimension 8 costume and a dimension 12! All from doing a mere half-hour per week of yoga.

Think about how gigantic it’d be to explore the numbers lastly skedaddle for your lavatory scale and fit into your celebrated clothes! But when you lose these extra pounds, you may perchance well well presumably presumably mild not admire how you gape in case your muscle mass are shapeless and flabby.

That’s the place apart yoga is terribly functional. It not ultimate helps you burn off energy, lose cussed paunchy, and lose weight, it corporations and tones every muscle for your body!

Crank the paunchy burn as you sculpt more muscle

When it comes to energy coaching, ignore “no ache, no build”. You may perchance perchance well well presumably presumably rep a heavenly butt, flat abs, jiggle-free fingers, and toned thighs with out being a slave to weight machines, dumbbells or resistance cords.

That’s because ought to you enact yoga, you don’t prefer to seize weights. As a change, you seize your have confidence body weight. In many poses, you device your body in ways you indirectly toughen alongside with your muscle mass. This helps sculpt your physique in ways diverse energy-coaching methods can’t contact!

Even higher, as you have confidence these rock-trusty abs, fingers, thighs, and butt, you’re replacing paunchy with muscle. The more muscle you have confidence, the more you rev up your metabolism. This helps you burn off even more paunchy and energy! So achieving your very ultimate weight turns into even more straightforward.

You’ll admire how swish and firm your body appears to be like if you birth doing yoga steadily. Plus the weight-bearing aspects of yoga abet you have confidence grand bones and enhance your posture, serving to you stand mighty and gape more confident. But that’s not all…

Why yoga can enhance your man’s intercourse life, too!

Study reveals yoga can abet girls like higher orgasms, elevated pride, and much more. But yoga can enhance your man’s intercourse life, too. Genuinely, one watch reveals yoga can prolong the duration of time sooner than a individual ejaculates, increasing his sexual enjoyment.

In this watch, researchers checked out a bunch of fellows with untimely ejaculation (PE) and when put next the effects of yoga to a prescription drug. All of the lads doing yoga noticed a well-known discount in PE. On the assorted hand, ultimate 82% of these taking the drug improved. Which implies yoga beat treatment hands down!

You acquired’t proper gape higher than you maintain in years, you’ll FEEL higher, too!

I judge you will explore how doing yoga can form your body, enhance muscle tone, and abet you tumble these extra pounds. But yoga is much higher than a mode to rep your body having a gape proper. It also makes you FEEL proper…

  • You’ll feel less anxious and more energized… There’s nothing admire yoga to abet mild your busy suggestions so that you just will relax. It offers you that noteworthy-wanted “me time” to focal point on yourself and your body. It also helps enhance your mood and energy ranges. A 2011 Jap watch checked out girls who practiced yoga for two years and when put next their psychological states to girls who didn’t enact yoga. The girls who practiced yoga skilled less rigidity, alarm, madden, and fatigue. They also scored higher on energy, psychological acuity, and emotional steadiness.

  • You’ll sleep admire a small one at night… Whether you maintain ache falling asleep or staying asleep, yoga can lull you off to dreamland and preserve you there. Verify out this watch on chronic “insomniacs” printed within the clinical journal Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Folks who added a straightforward yoga educate to their on each day foundation routine loved dramatically improved sleep. They averaged an extra 36 minutes of sleep time a night, fell asleep 15 minutes faster, and reduced the number of nighttime awakenings by higher than a third!

  • You’ll like the finest intercourse of your life… Here’s one other manner yoga makes things higher within the mattress room. It will abet boost need and arousal, develop lubrication, intensify orgasm and pride, and minimize ache. One watch printed within the Journal of Sexual Remedy stumbled on yoga very much improved intercourse for girls in all six of these well-known ways. And the development was even elevated in girls over age Forty five!

  • You’ll endure less ache and discomfort… Yoga shall be a “miracle employee” for your aching support, joints, and muscle mass. It improves flexibility and vary of scamper whereas reducing ache and stiffness. One watch stumbled on folks with low support ache who did yoga noticed a well-known development in support comfort and characteristic when when put next with diverse therapies!

I know yoga can enact all of these astounding things for you and more. But you will’t proper enact any yoga. It’s well-known to enact the right kind yoga poses, and enact them precisely. But the vogue some folks are educating yoga is giving it a imperfect rap… and making sports docs and orthopedists properly off!

Caution: Not ALL yoga instruction is created equal

Sadly, many yoga classes are led by lecturers who haven’t had noteworthy coaching, both in yoga or in how the human body works. This may perchance perchance well well simply place apart you at risk of hurting yourself. It’s no wonder one sports doctor I know says he sees more accidents from “properly being club” yoga than something else!


Most efficient I ever felt in my life!

“I’ve skilled more energy, more leanness to my body, besides more flexibility. I’m also in a device to sleep more straightforward after I to head to mattress. My body would not ache of soreness from support or any diverse body section. I rep lighter on my toes, and I proper feel gigantic overall. Most efficient I ever felt in my life and it be making improvements to! Thank you Shapeshifter Yoga! You are altering my life and I’m grateful for it.”

— A. Garcia, Oregon

Even supposing the teacher is properly-trained, you will cease up in too gargantuan of a category and not be in a device to explore what the teacher is on the total doing. Or there’s some form of aggressive vibe the place apart all americans appears to be like to be attempting to enact the pose higher or longer than the individual subsequent to them.

And don’t even rep me started on Bikram yoga, steadily referred to as “sizzling yoga”. I neutral as of late stumbled on myself in a Bikram class whereas traveling (I had long gone out of curiosity). Fortunate for me, I was familiar with the individual postures and had sufficient body awareness to know my have confidence limits.

But I was jumpy at how disturbing even the starting students within the category had been pushed. While doing one hip stretch pose, the instructor in actuality entreated us to “enact it except it hurts!”

Yoga ought to mild never damage. At the same time as you enact a pose, it’s all about what’s finest for your body — not the individual subsequent to you. And ought to you enact the poses precisely over time, you’ll explore your body changed into stronger, leaner, and more flexible… with out straining your joints and muscle mass. Most efficient of all, you will explore fantastic outcomes in neutral one hour per week!

Not ultimate maintain I viewed this myself and with my students, I’ve got learn to support it up. I once conducted a watch on the properly being and properly being benefits of yoga for my Master’s diploma. And I witnessed first-hand how even a straightforward 10-minute educate of yoga twice a day, three days per week, can build a dramatic distinction in how you gape and feel. Here’s what one lady who took section in my watch needed to instruct about it…

“Not ultimate did I tumble some weight all the device thru the time of your watch, but I grew to changed into more flexible, felt energized, and felt proper about my body and self, inner and exterior!”

— Karin Faletic, watch participant

At final… A safer, more straightforward manner to enact yoga and rep

higher outcomes rapid

Inspired by the outcomes of my watch, I took these same gentle but effective yoga strikes and created a total program for body-shaping, paunchy loss, and head-to-toe wellness. I saved this program to myself for years, and ultimate shared it with a minute handful of personal purchasers.

It wasn’t long sooner than I began to know so many others may perchance well well need the profit of this same program. But within the occasion that they couldn’t changed into one in every of my personal purchasers, they’d never maintain the chance. As a change, they may perchance well well simply cease up getting turned off within the occasion that they tried yoga in other areas, and even hurting themselves in a properly being club or “sizzling” yoga class.

That’s why I created Shapeshifter Yoga. I wished to build it as straightforward and safe as that you just will judge of for YOU to like the total fantastic body-shaping and properly being benefits this recurring manner to yoga offers you with. And when you live a crazy-busy life admire I enact, you also need a mode to enact it that’s helpful, doesn’t take heaps of time, and lets you enact it anyplace you admire.

An total body shaping and paunchy loss program that

works on your agenda

Attributable to Shapeshifter Yoga, you will enact this body-shaping and paunchy loss program wherever you wish, at any time when you wish. You don’t prefer to rep for your automobile, drive to the gymnasium or a park, and then support dwelling.

You set up nearly an hour of utilizing — higher than sufficient time to maintain performed your Shapeshifter Yoga workout! And you may perchance well also rep the flat belly, firm butt, and jiggle-free fingers you wish (alongside with all these diverse astounding “facet” benefits I suggested you about) with out strenuous cardio or weightlifting.


Lets me cease lively!

“I extinct Shapeshifter Yoga whereas I recovered from a knee damage. I loved that I was mild in a device to enact the lying/seated poses and work my fingers/abs. It let me cease lively after I couldn’t maintain performed something else!”

— Veronica, California

Plus you’ll be amazed how straightforward Shapeshifter Yoga is to maintain a examine. You rep unlimited rep admission to to tutorial movies for each pose in this map. You furthermore mght rep discover-alongside movies of the yoga flows, tutorial manuals, wall charts, and much more. (I maintain a Bachelor’s diploma in Education, so I know structure and educate this map so that you just in actuality learn it!)

All the things is on hand to you straight away on-line for your have confidence personal “dashboard” for easy accessibility. You may perchance perchance well well presumably presumably ogle the movies and browse this map materials for your computer, computer computer, tablet, or cell cellphone. So wherever you scramble, Shapeshifter Yoga goes with you.

Plus you’ll take care of the step-by-step instruction I present for every pose, so that you just will feel confident you’re doing it proper. You may perchance perchance well well presumably presumably scramble at your have confidence lunge, with out caring about taking beyond regular time or comparing yourself to others. And if you birth practising the poses and flows steadily for your agenda, you’ll be amazed how lickety-split you launch to explore outcomes!

I’ve heard many though-provoking reports from these who’ve viewed gigantic outcomes from Shapeshifter Yoga. So what makes this program so effective?

Shapeshifter Yoga is essentially based entirely on my higher than 12 years of yoga coaching and journey. Plus I’ve drawn from my Master’s diploma stories in human anatomy and performance.

As a consequence, I’ve stumbled on just a few secrets and programs that build doing yoga some distance more wise and functional for your body. So whether you’ve been doing yoga for years — or you’ve never house foot on a yoga mat — you will enact this program and LOVE what it does for your body! Let me point to every of these secrets and programs…

Shapeshifter secret #1:

Sculpts and tones your muscle mass so that you just burn more paunchy

Whether I’m in a swimsuit, a pair of jeans or an evening dress, basically the most frequent reward I rep is on the form of my hips, thighs and derrière…

And I constructed that form with yoga!

So yes, the noteworthy hyped “yoga butt” is for actual. So are yoga fingers, yoga tummy, and yoga thighs. But not all americans who does yoga gets these body-shaping benefits. That’s because you maintain to enact the right kind yoga strikes that focus on train areas of your body.

That’s what Shapeshifter Yoga is all about. I’ve extinct my background in Exercise Science to structure the poses and flows to offer you the most practical-impact body-shaping profit that you just will judge of. As an instance, the Half of Locust is one in every of my celebrated butt-shaping and support-strengthening poses that can abet you sculpt a toned, sexy bottom in file time!

Verify out the video below and likewise you will try it yourself proper now…

Check out how you’re feeling a small tightness ought to you seize every leg? That’s serving to to tone your butt and replace flab with swish, heavenly muscle. Not ultimate that, the more muscle you have confidence, the more paunchy your body is in a device to burn off with out trouble. This helps you diagram paunchy loss for your butt, thighs, and any diverse “scenario” areas.

I’ve rigorously designed the total poses and flows you rep in Shapeshifter Yoga to abet you sculpt more muscle and burn more paunchy, so that you just rep stronger and leaner. And as you lose these extra pounds, you acquired’t be left with drooping flab. As a change you’ll explore your abs rep flatter, your fingers rep firmer, and your thighs and butt rep more toned. Plus you’ll preserve your body youthful longer.

But there’s one other manner Shapeshifter Yoga makes it a snap to rep the slim, sexy physique you wish… and it ought to offer you some noteworthy-wanted stress support in addition!

Shapeshifter secret #2:

Lowers cortisol to cease “stress ingesting” and weight build

How time and one more time maintain you ever felt careworn out and reached for a cookie, a chunk of chocolate, or a dish of ice cream? As I defined earlier, there’s a proper reason for “stress ingesting” that continually packs on the pounds: high cortisol ranges. The more cortisol your body is producing, the more doubtless you’ll feel hungry the total time and cease up overeating.

While stories present doing yoga can lower cortisol, not all yoga is created equal. Personally, I receive it disturbing to kick back after I’m in a crowded yoga class. And it’s straightforward to feel pressured to preserve up, in preference to going at your have confidence lunge.

But the actual key I’ve stumbled on to doing yoga to promote relaxation and lower cortisol ranges is to BREATHE. And most yoga classes I’ve viewed don’t abet you to enact it properly.

In every video incorporated within the Shapeshifter Yoga program, I handbook you thru the actions whereas serving to you focal point for your breath. I pronounce you when to inhale and when to exhale. All you enact is scramble your body and breathe.

Not ultimate will you’re feeling more relaxed, you’ll rep higher outcomes from doing the poses because you’re focusing more. At the identical time, your cortisol ranges will tumble whereas you tone and turn into your body!

I’ve also incorporated guided respiratory exercises in this map as an extra bonus. They may be able to work wonders to abet you mild your suggestions and tackle stress. Let me stroll you thru one in every of my celebrated calming breaths proper now (it takes proper seconds!)

Originate by taking a deep breath in whereas counting slowly to four. Then preserve your breath for two more counts. Now exhale slowly whereas a small pursing your lips and counting to eight.

Rob a 2d to glimpse how noteworthy quieter and more relaxed you’re feeling. Not ultimate that, your cortisol ranges potentially proper dropped, too. Think about having this roughly quick administration over your body’s response to stress. You’ll be in a device to let no topic’s bugging you roll off your support in preference to getting mad or raiding your pantry for snacks!

There’s one more recurring pronounce of Shapeshifter Yoga I prefer to allotment with you that makes it so effective in ways in which scramble manner past reworking your body…

Shapeshifter secret #3:

Helps you admire your body so the pounds melt off!

One in every of the finest things about Shapeshifter Yoga is it gets you connected to your body one more time. Because when you’re admire most folks, you’ve misplaced this connection because of the the busy, contemporary world we live in.

We lose ourselves in our smartphones and medicine, on the computer, in front of the TV, or in every other case immersed in technology. Or we spend our days sitting at a desk, or in our vehicles commuting to and from our jobs. We’re not engaging sufficient. And when we’re, we’re not entirely attentive to it.

In every pose and scamper within the Shapeshifter Yoga program, I abet you to articulate your awareness to how every pose feels. Ought to you stretch one leg, as an instance, I’ll pronounce you scramble support to your unique device and glimpse how it feels when when put next with the leg you haven’t stretched but.

This “noticing” is so crucial because it helps you changed into more connected to your body. And when you may perchance well well presumably desire to cease a small longer or more on the total, you will simply hit the cease button on the video. Think about attempting to cease and cease an right yoga class! All too on the total, instructors speed thru the poses with out giving you time to connect alongside with your body and glimpse how you’re feeling.

You’ll also receive you launch to take care of your body and changed into happier with how you gape—and not proper because you’re losing pounds and inches. Most steadily that’s not sufficient so that you just can feel snug about your body. What you in actuality need is to admire your body.


Helps with sore joints

and muscle mass!

“I admire your instructions. The Shapeshifter flows are gigantic. I admire the vogue they abet out with stiff and sore joints and muscle mass. Thanks, Kris!”

— Cathy, Florida

how some girls — even these in glorious form — despise their bodies? They’ll inform “I despise my thighs” or “my fingers are so paunchy”. This disparaging self-talk turns into a sport of 1-upmanship between girls: “Oh, your fingers aren’t paunchy, gape at mine!” It all gets a small silly after a whereas. We’re speaking about one section of your body. How does that clarify who you are?

Ought to you’re connected to your body, you don’t despise your body. You admire your body. You prefer to prefer to enact things to nourish your body and take care of it. Without realizing it, you launch to appreciate higher, rejecting foods that build you’re feeling imperfect and picking foods that build you’re feeling proper.

You furthermore mght changed into more attuned to what your body needs. This may perchance perchance well well simply maintain an impress for your appetite and the device noteworthy you appreciate. That’s why as you educate yoga more on the total, you may perchance well also simply receive you’re making more fit ingesting picks with out a 2d understanding. This ends in effortless weight loss… with NO diets, NO calorie-counting, and NO particular meal plans!

Affords you everything you maintain to head from flab to “fab” rapid!

Kris enjoys doing Shapeshifter Yoga on the seashore. Where will your celebrated space be to coach?

With Shapeshifter Yoga, you rep everything you maintain to reshape your body, lose extra flab and pounds, and like head-to-toe wellness. I’ve made sure you maintain the total instruments and steering to grasp every of the poses sooner than you enact them collectively within the flows. And if you launch doing the flows, I point to you enact them to rep the finest outcomes!

To construct everything as straightforward as that you just will judge of, I’ve incorporated a aggregate of films and written materials in this map. You may perchance perchance well well presumably presumably ogle the movies on-line, uncover them to your desktop or computer computer, or rep admission to them for your smartphone, iPod, or tablet. It’s a 100% portable program!

For these times ought to you wish a transient reference for a pose or total scamper, or proper desire to explore something in print, I’ve incorporated guidebooks and wall charts. And to house you up for most success with this program, I’ve place apart collectively a Fleet Originate E book that you just’ll prefer to learn sooner than you birth.

It’s not forever in actuality crucial what diploma of journey you maintain with yoga — even when you’re a total beginner — you’ll be in a device to maintain a examine my step-by-step instructions. And you will (and ought to mild) scramble as slowly as you wish at the launch, gradually constructing your energy and flexibility. At the same time as you have confidence up to the flows, you’ll launch to explore dramatic body reshaping benefits… and scramble from flab to “fab” rapid!

Listed below are the six precious ingredients you rep with the Shapeshifter Yoga program:

#1: Shapeshifter Yoga Fleet Originate E book… a $37 tag

This in-depth handbook is the grasp key of your Shapeshifter Yoga program. It helps you launch with the “long invent” Shapeshifter Yoga educate — the place apart you’re employed to grasp the skills and have confidence your data of every pose. It then helps you progress to the Shapeshifter Everyday Drift, a total body workout you will enact in 10 minutes or less.

You’ll also gape rep basically the most body-shaping and paunchy loss outcomes from Shapeshifter Yoga, no topic how busy you are. Plus I point out the benefits you rep from every pose… give you guidelines for stretching… retort continually-requested questions… and much more!

#2: Shapeshifter Yoga Pose Video Library… a $67 tag

At the same time as you learn the Fleet Originate E book, you’ll prefer to launch practising every of the 34 individual poses incorporated in this irregular video library. I stroll you thru every pose, telling you when to breathe and encouraging you to glimpse how every scamper feels. It’s admire having me as a yoga coach proper by your facet!

Incorporated for your video library are Boat Pose and Slumbering Stomach to tone your abs and enhance digestion… Cobra to reshape your shoulders and de-flab your triceps… Equestrian Pose to offer a boost to your glutes and form your butt… Hand to Foot Pose to enhance flexibility and comfort for your support… and deal of more!

#3: Shapeshifter Yoga Program Video… a $57 tag

The Shapeshifter Yoga Program Video hyperlinks all 32 poses for your Video Library collectively into one “long invent” routine. I handbook you gradually from one pose to the next, maintaining you not off path and encouraging you to head deeper into the actions with every workout. This video runs over an hour, and likewise you will enact all of it straight away or proper sure aspects… no topic works finest for you and your agenda!

#4: Shapeshifter Yoga Everyday Drift Follow Alongside Video… a $37 tag

This video offers you a series of poses designed to offer you an all-round, head-to-toe workout in below 10 minutes. These poses work quite a lot of muscle groups so that you just rep most impact and ends in minimal time. You may perchance perchance well well presumably presumably enact this scamper twice on each day foundation three days per week and explore dramatic outcomes rapid!

#5: Shapeshifter Yoga Pose E book… a $19 tag

This handbook offers you written, step-by-step instructions and tricks on doing every of the 32 poses for your Shapeshifter Yoga Pose Video Library. You’ll prefer to maintain a examine and educate the actions in every of the detailed tutorial movies, then spend this handbook as a transient reference for every exercise.

#6: Shapeshifter Yoga “At A Seek recordsdata from” Wall Charts… a $19 tag

These “at a gape” wall charts build it even more straightforward to keep on alongside with your Shapeshifter Yoga educate. Merely print them out and post them wherever you want to enact your educate. They’ll act as a visual handbook and build your total yoga sessions a plod!

You rep two Shapeshifter Yoga wall charts incorporated alongside with your program. The first chart outlines all 32 of the poses within the Shapeshifter Yoga program. The 2d chart involves all of the poses within the Shapeshifter Everyday Drift.

Expose Now!

Salvage the total program for a portion of the worth of yoga classes!

As you will explore, you rep everything you maintain to build the Shapeshifter Yoga program give you the results you want. And ought to you add up the worth of the total movies, manuals, and wall charts you rep, it comes out to $226. That’s an fantastic tag ought to you compare it to the worth of diverse forms of yoga instruction.

In spite of everything, six months of yoga classes may perchance well well house you support $600 or more. Non-public yoga sessions tag noteworthy higher than that — upwards of $75 an hour. Even one yoga video or e book can speed not not up to $20 and cloak a portion of the swear you rep with Shapeshifter Yoga.

And if you have confidence this program, you maintain unlimited rep admission to to enact it as on the total as you admire for years but to attain… with out spending hundreds for classes time and one more time, or shopping for quite a lot of books and movies.

So if I sure to cost the stout tag of $226 for Shapeshifter Yoga, it’d be worth every penny! But admire I mentioned, I prefer to build this program on hand to as many folks as that you just will judge of. I’ve viewed such gigantic outcomes from it with my purchasers and students, and wish you to maintain the identical opportunity to reshape your body and turn into your life.

That’s why I on the total tag proper $77 for the Shapeshifter Yoga program… about what you’d spend on one non-public yoga session, and a portion of the worth of yoga classes.

On the assorted hand, as section of this particular, one-time introductory offer, you will rep the total Shapeshifter Yoga program for proper $27! That’s a $50 financial savings off the celebrated tag. And you’re having rep admission to to a total house of films, manuals, and charts worth $226!

Love I mentioned, proper one yoga video or e book may perchance well well tag you $20 or more… but with proper $27 you rep up to now more! That’s not up to the worth of some yoga classes — or a brand unusual handbag. I judge you’d agree it’s a no brainer to offer Shapeshifter Yoga a try to explore what fantastic outcomes it ought to offer you.

But to offer you an extra nudge, I’m throwing in these 4 precious FREE gifts worth a total of $88!

5 FREE gifts to abet you profit even more from Shapeshifter Yoga

Bonus reward #1: Follow Alongside Audio Recordsdata… a $29 tag

With these to hand Shapeshifter Yoga Follow Alongside Audio Recordsdata, you will eavesdrop for your iPod or portable tune tool for these times ought to you don’t maintain rep admission to to video. Merely skedaddle for your headphones and buckle down and do the actions, and I’ll be there to cue you on every section of the pose and remind you when to breathe.

You rep two separate audio recordsdata — one for the Shapeshifter Everyday Drift and one for your total 32-pose Shapeshifter Yoga Drift. A $29 tag, they’re yours FREE!

Bonus reward #2: Breath Awareness Meditation Audio… a $23 tag

The yoga poses I educate you in Shapeshifter Yoga are designed to maximize body shaping and paunchy loss. But increasing your focal point for your breath can in actuality boost your outcomes, because it helps lower cortisol ranges and develop paunchy loss even more. Devoting a jiffy to a breath awareness meditation also works wonders for these times ought to you’re facing stress or having ache focusing or getting to sleep.

That’s why I incorporated two spacious-relaxing sessions in this free bonus reward. In basically the major meditation, I handbook you thru 10 minutes of the dilapidated pranayama educate of belly respiratory. In the 2d, I focal point on increasing your awareness of your breath. In only 7 minutes, you’ll feel blissfully relaxed! A $19 tag, both meditations are yours FREE!

Bonus reward #3: Physique Awareness “Absolute Stillness” Audio… a $17 tag

I suggested you earlier how Shapeshifter Yoga helps you mild your suggestions and changed into more connected to your body. This dilapidated meditation educate — known as Kaya Sthairyam — takes you to a total unusual diploma of stillness and body awareness. It’s also a gigantic manner to banish bodily, emotional, and psychological stress.

In this meditation, I handbook you thru three stages. The first stage makes spend of emotion to present comfort. The 2d stage explores body awareness, steadiness, and symmetry. The third stage makes spend of visualization to develop body stillness and awareness. Ought to you maintain to gradual down, this 8-minute mediation educate will enact it!

Bonus reward #4: Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation Audio… a $19 tag

Ready to feel entirely blissed out? You acquired’t judge how incredibly relaxed and focused you’ll feel after doing this 23-minute guided meditation. Yoga Nidra is one in every of the deepest of all meditations, taking you into a unsleeping deep sleep. You’ll be asleep but entirely unsleeping, and your awareness will upward thrust to an vulgar command of stillness and insight.

Yoga Nidra is though-provoking for reducing rigidity, alarm, headaches, belly ache, and diverse signs of worried diagram damage. It may perchance perchance be as restorative as sleep. Genuinely, it’s believed a 20-minute session of Yoga Nidra is exclusively like 2 hours of sleep!

This meditation educate also goes some distance past relaxation to bringing you to a command of proper joy and bliss. It will develop creativity and is functional in unlocking psychological and emotional blockages (all of us maintain them!)

Expose Now!

You rep all four of these precious bonus gifts ought to you give Shapeshifter Yoga an opportunity to give you the results you want! And I’m confident this program will articulate you dramatic outcomes. That’s because I haven’t minimize a single corner. Genuinely…

I’d relatively give this program away than maintain

you be not up to 100% elated!

Watch, anyone can place apart collectively some yoga movies and books and make contact with it a “program”. But I’d never resolve for giving you something not up to the finest that you just will judge of yoga program on hand anyplace. I’d relatively give my Shapeshifter Yoga program away than give you something that doesn’t live up to all of my promises and then some.

I spent months developing these movies and audios and inserting collectively the manuals. I gorgeous-tuned the flows because of years of educate. And I’ve drawn from my coaching in Exercise Science to ensure these yoga strikes give you wonderful body-shaping and paunchy loss outcomes.

I’ve packed not not up to TEN times the worth into this program because I prefer to abet you like the total dramatic, transformative benefits of yoga. And you rep it in an effortless-to-enact program that suits your life! What’s more, it’s a program you will enact for a lifetime to cease youthful longer.

That’s why I’ve made sure you risk NOTHING ought to you give Shapeshifter Yoga a try. I invite you to place apart this program to the check for a stout 60 days with out risking a penny. If for any reason you’re not 100% elated with this map or your outcomes, proper allow us to know sooner than the cease of your 60-day free trial duration and likewise you’ll rep a stout refund of the acquisition tag.

You ought to glimpse a distinction in how you gape and feel and know that Shapeshifter Yoga is working for you. Ought to you don’t receive you’re in a device to…

  • Lose cussed flab and belly paunchy…

  • Plunge unwanted pounds nearly with out trouble…

  • Agency and tone your butt, thighs, abs, and fingers…

  • Stand taller and feel more confident…

  • Banish rigidity, stress, and alarm…

  • In reality feel more energized and upbeat…

  • Plunge asleep more lickety-split and sleep deeply thru the night…

  • Toughen flexibility for your joints and muscle mass…

  • Suffer less ache and discomfort…

  • And gape and feel sexier than you maintain in years…

…Gorgeous inform the word and likewise you rep every penny support! No hassles. No questions. And no disturbing feelings, both. Love I mentioned, I’d relatively give this program away than maintain you ever be not up to 100% elated!

Expose Now!

Originate experiencing the body-reworking energy

of Shapeshifter Yoga this day!

You may perchance perchance well well presumably presumably launch taking part in all of these body-shaping and life-altering benefits within the next jiffy. Merely click on on the gargantuan red button proper now to rep quick rep admission to to all of the Shapeshifter Yoga movies, manuals, wall charts, and free bonus audios.

At the same time as you launch doing this program steadily, you’ll be amazed how lickety-split you launch to explore a distinction…

  • In only 7 days… You may perchance perchance well well simply birth to glimpse you’re more flexible ought to you enact the poses, and your belly is already a small flatter. (Genuinely, your digestion may perchance well well simply changed into smoother, too!) You may perchance perchance well well simply furthermore feel more connected to your body and taken care of, since you’re taking a whereas for you.

  • In only 14 days… You may perchance perchance well well simply launch to explore the numbers for your lavatory scale lastly skedaddle, and your clothes are becoming more loosely. You feel more energized and alert all the device thru the day, and sleep admire a small one at night. And you glimpse the identical things that extinct to stress you out proper roll off your support… in preference to making you snack or overeat.

  • In only 30 days… You may perchance perchance well well simply glimpse your butt, thighs, abs, and fingers gape tighter and leaner. You may perchance perchance well well presumably presumably lastly fit into that small unlit costume or celebrated pair of jeans one more time. And you’re bombarded with compliments about how gigantic you gape (alongside with fixed requests for your “secret”!)

Genuinely, even after your first Shapeshifter Yoga session, you’ll doubtless feel calmer and more relaxed, and your muscle mass more lengthened and versatile. You’ll potentially sleep higher the very first night, too!

You ultimate live once — so why not enhance your

body and properly being proper now?

Lifestyles’s manner too rapid to be spent combating cussed flab and belly paunchy… extinct, sagging muscle mass… or extra pounds that preserve you from becoming into your celebrated clothes or feeling proper in a bathing swimsuit. By taking scamper now, you are going to rep your sexiest body ever, it is never in actuality crucial what form you’re in now, how feeble you are, or how inexperienced you are with yoga.

What’s more, your life will enhance dramatically ought to you banish the rigidity, stress, and sleeplessness that drain your energy… get rid of the high cortisol ranges and shortage of body awareness that drive you to snacking or overeating …and rep rid of support aches, neck aches, and diverse ache and stiffness that preserve you from taking part for your celebrated activities.

I know Shapeshifter Yoga can enact all of this and more for you… in as small as one hour per week! But don’t proper take my word for it. Join the thousands of these who’ve already changed their bodies and lives with Shapeshifter Yoga. Love I mentioned, you will place apart your total program plus your total FREE bonus gifts to the check for a stout 60 days with out risking a penny!

So please click on on the red button below and launch this day. I know you’ll be snug you potentially did! I cease unsleeping for hearing about your outcomes.

Yours in actuality,

Kris Fondran

Creator, Shapeshifter Yoga

P.S. I know you’re going to admire Shapeshifter Yoga. But when you don’t, you are going to rep a stout refund in basically the major 60 days. You’ve got nothing to lose — with the exception of these unwanted pounds and inches! You’ll set up $68 off our already low celebrated tag which skill that particular introductory offer. Plus you’ll rep four FREE gifts worth $88! So please, don’t let this chance scramble you by. Act now to launch getting more fit and shapelier this day!

Expose Now and Originate Shaping Your Physique within the Next 5 Minutes

Salvage The Complete Shapeshifter Yoga Device At this time For Handiest $77.00 $27

Salvage Shapeshifter Yoga Now!

Answers to repeatedly-requested questions about Shapeshifter Yoga…

Q: How can Shapeshifter Yoga abet me tumble some weight, tone my abs and butt, and build my total body leaner and more flexible in ultimate one hour per week? Don’t I prefer to enact more strenuous cardio or diverse exercise besides this?

A: I place apart my years of yoga educating journey and Master’s diploma in Exercise Science to work after I developed Shapeshifter Yoga. It’s an effortless-to-enact yoga program that offers you most outcomes. All of the poses and flows present the most practical-impact body-shaping profit that you just will judge of. My have confidence learn reveals you will burn proper as many energy doing one in every of my 10-minute Shapeshifter Yoga flows as you will by jogging. And one other watch reveals these who enact yoga for as small as half an hour per week weigh 19 pounds less on average than these who don’t! Shapeshifter Yoga also reduces cortisol ranges — and the “stress ingesting” that comes with them. Plus it increases body awareness, which will abet you appreciate a more fit food diagram… so that you just tumble these extra pounds nearly with out trouble.

Q: I’ve never performed yoga sooner than and I’m magnificent inflexible. Attain I prefer to apprehension about hurting myself?

A: I point to you enact the actions and postures in Shapeshifter Yoga so that you just have confidence your flexibility and energy safely over time. As with any workout you ought to distinguish between “hurts so proper” and “proper undeniable hurts.” If something doesn’t feel proper, cease doing it straight away. You may perchance perchance well well presumably presumably resolve a modified or alternate posture that can work the identical muscle group.

Q: Will I prefer to sit down down on the bottom contaminated-legged and chant “om” all the device thru the workout?

A: Not unless you’re feeling moved to enact so. Shapeshifter Yoga doesn’t require you to chant… or to wrap your leg round your head both!

Q: Attain I need particular equipment for this program?

A: It in actuality relies upon for your ground or coaching surface. I enact suggest the usage of a yoga or “sticky” mat all the device thru the Shapeshifter Drift. It’ll present a small of cushioning for your knees and preserve your toes from slipping all the device thru the session.

Q: What ought to mild I place apart on? Attain I need particular “yoga pants”?

A: All you wish are delighted, free-becoming clothes. You’ll receive it refined to rep entirely relaxed and attain your stout vary of scamper when you’re experiencing bodily discomfort from tight or binding clothing.

Q: Is it alright to appreciate sooner than doing Shapeshifter Yoga?

A: For optimum profit and comfort please refrain from ingesting a tidy meal 2—3 hours sooner than your educate. Ought to you ought to appreciate something beforehand, resolve a delicate snack equivalent to fruit, yogurt, or an energy bar.

Q: There are such a broad amount of more than just a few yoga applications on hand on-line. What makes Shapeshifter Yoga higher?

A: With Shapeshifter Yoga, you rep a program that’s expertly designed to offer you train, body-shaping benefits. I don’t speed you thru the poses, and likewise you will spend time mastering the individual poses for so long as you admire. Plus you like the consistency of having the identical, skilled trainer, in preference to a hodge-podge of lecturers with varying credentials and skills. It’s also a seriously higher deal. You surely have confidence the movies, books, and audio ingredients and may perchance well well uncover them to your computer computer, tablet or smartphone at no extra tag. Other applications tag you an extra amount or tag as noteworthy as $20 for a single month… and if you cease paying, you no longer maintain rep admission to to the movies.

Q: How soon will I birth to explore outcomes by doing Shapeshifter Yoga?

A: Love something you enact, the cease consequence will rely on what you place apart into it. The correct recordsdata is, if you’ve spent a whereas mastering the individual poses, it takes as small as 10 minutes twice a day, 3 days per week, to explore outcomes with this program. That’s a total of proper one hour per week, so it’s straightforward to work into your busy agenda. Inside weeks, you’ll admire how noteworthy leaner and toned your butt, thighs, abs, higher fingers, and total body gape. And proper from the launch, you’ll feel more energized, more alert, and fewer careworn out… and sleep higher than you maintain in years! But when for any reason you’re not 100% elated alongside with your outcomes, you are going to rep a stout refund all the device thru basically the major 60 days. You risk nothing!

Expose Now!

Your Unconditional Guarantee:

Shapeshifter Yoga Must Give You Outcomes, or It’s FREE!

You risk NOTHING ought to you give Shapeshifter Yoga a try. I invite you to place apart this program to the check for a stout 60 days with out risking a penny. You ought to glimpse a distinction in how you gape and feel and know Shapeshifter Yoga is working for you!

I’m elated Shapeshifter Yoga can abet you lose cussed flab and belly paunchy… tumble unwanted pounds…firm and tone your butt, thighs, abs, and fingers… banish stress and alarm… boost your energy and focal point… enhance flexibility and minimize joint discomfort… and much more, proper admire it’s performed for me and so many others.

But when for ANY reason you’re not 100% elated with this map or your outcomes, proper allow us to know sooner than the cease of your 60-day free trial duration and likewise you’ll rep a stout refund of the acquisition tag. No hassles. No questions. And no disturbing feelings, both. I’d relatively give this program away than maintain you ever be not up to 100% elated!

Kris Fondran

Creator, Shapeshifter Yoga

Salvage The Complete Shapeshifter Yoga Device At this time

For Handiest $77.00 $27

Salvage Shapeshifter Yoga Now!

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