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So Colin went to work to manufacture the realm’s very first dash simulator. A tool that could well well steal the whole important horse and course recordsdata along with likely prerequisites then let us query the races unfold sooner than they actually came about.

I mean, I didn’t realise that this is in a position to truly be possible.

However definite ample simplest around six weeks after I came up with the root, Colin and I had been successfully settled with a cup of tea in hand in a position to impeach the Wager Simulator’s first dash.

In actuality we watched 8 races that day, all basically basically based on recordsdata for the following day’s races meets.

Of the 8 races we watched, 5 had been shut calls however 3 of the races had chuffed winners.

So the following day we placed beautiful 3 bets… on the three horses that had romped dwelling on our Wager Simulator the previous evening… and ALL THREE of these horses obtained!

So on our first day, we had netted over £320 in winnings.

On our 2d day, we made over £750 in winnings.

And by the tip of the week we had been up by over £5,000.

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